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Business - Economy
10/10/2011 2:00:38 PM
Acquisitions by the Gulf investment group are 'good for the financial sector,' says European country's economics chief
Business - Economy
10/5/2011 6:57:47 PM
The Gulf's capital of excess is taking a more modest and diverse approach to business as it tries to keep its dream of being a top financial centre alive
World - Region
10/3/2011 4:51:21 PM
Gulf Forum of Civil Societies calls on members of the Gulf Cooperation Council to recognize the Syrian National Council as the sole legitimate representative of the Syrian people
Business - Economy
10/3/2011 12:18:07 PM
Emirate's economy is expected to grow by 18.9 per cent in 2011, the highest in the Gulf region, on the back of increased gas production
Sports - World
10/2/2011 1:16:59 PM
The Qatar Football Association says the Gulf nation will host Iraq’s home qualifiers for the 2014 World Cup and 2012 Olympics
Egypt - Politics
9/29/2011 3:37:15 PM
Discussions at the GCC already underway for Egypt, Jordan and Morocco to join the regional grouping
World - Region
9/26/2011 10:58:45 AM
Fewer than one in five voters cast ballots in Bahraini by-elections this weekend, after the Shi'ite majority in the Gulf Arab state boycotted the polls following the crushing of a protest movement earlier this year.
Books - Review
9/25/2011 6:54:15 PM
Analysis by Moataz Salama suggests that the expected change in the GCC countries is more likely to come through reform rather than revolutions
World - Region
9/24/2011 3:19:26 PM
Iranian President Ahmadinejad calls on NATO forces to withdraw from their bases in the Gulf region charging these forces are a threat to Iran's national security
World - Region
9/23/2011 1:02:42 PM
An opposition group in Bahrain says it plans to launch protests on Friday and Saturday ahead of parliamentary by-elections set for September 24 in the Gulf kingdom
Business - Economy
9/22/2011 11:23:37 AM
State-owned firm is auctioning concessions in the Gulf of Suez, the eastern and western deserts and the Sinai basins, with a deadline of 30 January
Business - Economy
9/20/2011 10:22:49 AM
The Gulf state plans to issue public treasury bonds amounting 3.5 billion dinars after it had faced ratings downgrades on back of civil unrest
World - Region
9/19/2011 6:31:23 PM
A US defence official says Washington is currently considering the establishment of a direct military hotline with Iran for mutual coordination amid a series of US-Iranian forces in the Gulf
World - Region
9/18/2011 7:52:51 PM
Saudi official says Yemen's President Ali Abdullah Saleh's deputy will sign a power transfer deal within a week amid disagreements between the country's political parties over the Gulf-sponsored document
World - Region
9/12/2011 5:23:28 PM
Iranian state television reports the government's rejection for accusations by the Gulf Cooperation Council that Tehran issued "provocative" statements about its member-states
Business - Economy
9/12/2011 11:16:24 AM
The gulf state says it will utilize the latest technologies to start a major cultivation program that would turn 45,000 hectares into farmland
Egypt - Politics
9/6/2011 7:15:37 PM
The group of volunteers admire Mubarak for his support for Kuwait in the Gulf War
World - Region
8/20/2011 2:28:48 PM
Somali pirates hijacked a tanker managed by an Indian firm with 21 Indian sailors on board on Saturday while it was being loaded at a port in the Gulf state of Oman
Business - Economy
8/18/2011 6:43:55 PM
Naguib Sawiris and Ahmed Ezz are among those facing losses as the government makes legal preparations to withdraw 23 million square metres of state-sold land on the gulf of Suez
World - Region
8/16/2011 1:57:31 PM
An Iraqi technical delegation has held talks in Kuwait over a seaport Baghdad claims would strangle its narrow shipping lanes in the Gulf
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