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Egypt - Politics
10/1/2011 12:11:28 PM
Cairo's Tahrir Square is nearly empty Saturday, but some protesters vow to stage an open-ended sit-in next Friday

Egypt - Politics
9/19/2011 5:08:00 PM
The teachers' strike continues through the first week of school, with thousands of teachers involved despite ongoing threats of prosecution under the anti-strike legislation

Arts & Culture - Film
9/12/2011 8:36:08 AM
Fresh off the plane from Tehran, the famous filmmaker's son defended Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in an interview this weekend and supported Iran's right to a nuclear program as a defense against threats from Israel

World - Region
9/11/2011 11:03:18 AM
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas affirms that Palestinians will seek UN membership regardless of US 'threats'

Egypt - Politics
8/26/2011 4:16:01 PM
A church in Shubra, Cairo receives threats that it will be burnt down after sectarian clashes Thursday, prompting military patrols and Revolution Youth Coaltion members to coordinate with citizens to protect it

World - International
8/14/2011 2:09:51 PM
Although remaining under army control for two years, new security threats by the Taliban threatens the handover of Pakistan' Swat valley to a civilian administration

World - Region
8/9/2011 2:11:05 PM
After threats made by Hezbollah following the Israeli cabinet's approval of the disputed maritime borders with Israel, drones are deployed on northern Israel's gas fields

Opinion -
8/8/2011 8:54:52 PM
Recent demonstrations by Salafists reflect fears about threats to Egypt's Islamic identity. The solution is not to isolate Islamists but to integrate them into Egypt's new political space

Egypt - Politics
7/28/2011 2:01:08 PM
Tantawi assures officers that army intends to hand power to a civilian government and will return to defending against external threats

Egypt - Politics
7/25/2011 6:02:03 PM
The family of the revolution’s latest victim, Hoda Saber, has been put under military ‎protection after they received death threats allegedly from the officer accused of killing her

World - International
7/21/2011 10:25:05 AM
Secretary General Ban Ki-moon says climate change "not only exacerbates threats to international peace and security; it is a threat to international peace and security

World - Region
7/16/2011 5:07:38 PM
Clinton spoke about Turkey's potential as a model for Arab states now undergoing democratic transition, but was concerned about threats to press freedom

Business - Economy
7/13/2011 6:10:31 PM
An information security think tank initiative (ISTT) launched Tuesday will design solutions for the high volume of information technology threats in Egypt

Egypt - Politics
7/13/2011 10:08:36 AM
Undaunted by threats, protesters in Cairo's Tahrir and other cities insist they will maintain their protests and up the pressure till promises are fulfilled and neglected demands are met

World - Region
7/10/2011 3:36:34 PM
Al-Jazeera satellite news channel on Sunday condemned what it called a campaign of threats against its journalists because of its coverage of uprisings in the Arab world

Sports - Omni Sports
7/5/2011 5:31:46 PM
British police have begun testing Olympic venues against all potential terrorist threats, including from Irish dissidents and Islamists, the policeman in charge of 2012 security told Reuters.

World - Region
7/2/2011 2:17:51 PM
Clinton asked Gaddafi on Saturday to step down instead of brandishing threats of attacks on European civilians

World - Region
6/26/2011 11:43:47 AM
An Israeli jazz ensemble says it has canceled an appearance in Turkey because of threats by pro-Islamic protesters

World - Region
6/18/2011 2:39:05 PM
Turkey's Kurdish forces step back from threats of "war" made before last Sunday's elections, seeking greater status in a constitutional settlement

World - Region
5/19/2011 6:26:13 PM
Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has called attention to the vulnerability of existing networks in Israel, promising to face all hacker threats

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