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Business - Economy
4/2/2015 4:51:19 PM
France allows tourists to travel to Luxor and Taba, a move which it is hoped will boost the battered tourism sector

Business - Economy
12/24/2014 2:09:40 PM

Business - Economy
12/21/2014 5:20:45 PM
Slide of Russian currency threatens recovery of Egyptian tourism sector as President El-Sisi calls for intervention

Business - Economy
9/30/2014 9:45:55 PM
Tourism sector signals possible recovery as hopes for political stability on the rise

Business - Economy
7/25/2014 9:00:31 PM

Business - Economy
6/3/2014 9:22:46 PM
Payment will be for using Cairo's airfield, say authorities, while some tourism officials say the move will further hit the tourism sector

Business - Economy
3/25/2014 7:58:15 PM
Tourism sector joins environment ministry in opposing coal use in cement factories

Business - Economy
12/15/2013 7:56:09 PM
Following Germany's step in late September to lift its travel warning on Egypt, more than two dozen countries have since followed suit, bringing hope that Egypt's tourism sector will again flourish

Business - Economy
11/12/2013 2:53:36 PM
Two days before state of emergency to be lifted across Egypt, government relaxes restrictions on Sharm El-Sheikh, Red Sea governorate

World - Region
10/31/2013 11:49:54 AM
Tunisia's interior ministry said its special forces arrested five Salafist "terrorists" directly linked to the first suicide bids in the North African country for more than a decade

Business - Economy
9/30/2013 5:58:13 PM
Syria's conflict creates unprecedented financial crisis with tourism sector, according to Tourism Minister Bishr Riad Yaziji

Business - Economy
9/24/2013 8:00:00 PM
Move represents small victory in struggle to revive vital tourism sector after politically turbulent summer

Business - Economy
9/22/2013 3:01:18 PM
The Ministry of Tourism worldwide tour pursues ongoing efforts to cancel travel warnings on Egypt and restore tourism to the country

Business - Economy
8/25/2013 8:02:35 PM
As political ties with Qatar and Turkey deteriorate over the ouster of Mohamed Morsi, some Egyptian tourism sector insiders call for tourism ties to be severed as well

Business - Economy
6/19/2013 11:53:56 AM
New governor of Luxor, a member of an Islamist group accused of killing scores of tourists in 1997, says he will keep governorate 'tourist friendly'

Egypt - Politics
6/6/2013 11:47:02 AM
A booming tourism sector would help generate foreign currency that could contribute to resolving a number of economic crises, says tourism minister at conference this week

Business - Economy
3/26/2013 7:00:00 AM
New customs tariffs on equipment considered as 'luxury goods' imported by tourist establishments will further strain the sector, says head of Egypt's Federation of Tourism Chambers

Business - Economy
3/14/2013 2:58:50 PM
New initiative by Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) aims to boost financing facilities for country's vital but ailing tourism sector

Business - Economy
2/8/2013 4:53:25 PM
The plans to cut diesel subsidies to hotels and resorts were postponed due to the current challenges facing the sector

Business - Economy
1/29/2013 7:45:29 PM
Egypt's tourism sector hit hard by wave of violence in the capital Cairo and other cities, although most touristic sites remain trouble-free

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