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Egypt - Politics
12/16/2010 6:19:29 PM
Trucking strike brought on by new traffic regulations come to a temporary end as drivers associations test government's commitment to their demands

Egypt -
12/14/2010 5:34:37 PM
Truck drivers and owners continue their strike, protesting new traffic laws that disallow trailer use

Sports - Omni Sports
12/14/2010 1:53:44 PM
World steeplechase champion Marta Dominguez denied involvement in a major sports doping scandal in an interview with the Spanish news agency EFE

Egypt - Politics
12/13/2010 12:49:37 PM
Egypts air traffic is back on schedule as weather in the country clears up

Egypt -
12/13/2010 9:02:35 AM
The “End Human Trafficking Now” conference in Luxor brought together more than 500 government, UN, NGO and business representatives around a common platform of fighting modern day slavery

Egypt -
12/12/2010 1:13:46 PM
A sandstorm, strong winds and lashing rains swept across Egypt on Sunday, closing several ports and disrupting traffic in the Suez Canal, officials said

Egypt - Politics
12/12/2010 12:21:05 PM
Egypt's first national plan to end human trafficking has been announced

Egypt -
12/10/2010 12:32:27 PM
An international conference is set to be held in Luxor, from 10 to 12 December to discuss possible means of combating human trafficking

Business - Economy
12/9/2010 3:29:32 PM
Sluggish trade traffic affects Suez Canal receipts, bringing revenues to $412.8 million in November, down from $427 million in October.

World - International
12/4/2010 2:23:54 PM
Spain declares state of alert, major airlines cancelled all flights from Madrid

World - International
12/4/2010 11:02:40 AM
Spain's government said on Saturday it considered declaring a "state of alert" if air traffic controllers did not return to their posts following a mass walk-out

Egypt -
12/1/2010 12:03:07 PM
Weather conditions cause slow traffic around the capital this morning.

Egypt -
11/28/2010 3:28:00 PM
For some, elections day is good day to get other things done

Heritage - Ancient Egypt
11/10/2010 7:56:11 PM
Parliament is about to endorse a comprehensive new antiquities law that will incorporate all the requirements suggested by the Ministry of Culture

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