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Life & Style - Style
6/12/2012 6:39:34 PM
L’Oreal launches its treatment Kérastase across Cairo salons, with an emphasis on diagnosis

World - International
6/9/2012 4:22:03 PM
Britain's Prince Philip, the husband of Queen Elizabeth II, leaves hospital after he spent five days of treatment for a bladder infection, less than six months after he was treated of a blocked coronary artery

Euro2012 - News
6/9/2012 11:50:53 AM
Papadopoulos is due to return to Greece for further treatment

Life & Style - Health
6/3/2012 8:06:20 PM
Doctors have successfully dropped the first 'smart bomb' on breast cancer, using a drug to deliver a toxic payload to tumor cells while leaving healthy ones alone

Egypt - Politics
6/2/2012 1:53:13 PM

Sports - World
5/23/2012 1:12:19 PM
Robben was repeatedly booed by a section of the 33,000 fans who came to see the match between Netherlands and Bayern Munich on tuesday

Life & Style - Health
5/20/2012 10:24:43 AM
Research maps genetic codes of 21 breast cancers, helping scientists to understand disease's evolution and raising hopes of earlier diagnosis

Egypt - Politics
5/16/2012 2:23:42 PM
At Tuesday meeting with MPs, SCAF denies military personnel brutalised Abbasiya detainees; Over 300 prisoners threaten 20 May hunger strike to protest poor treatment in custody

Life & Style - Health
5/8/2012 11:14:47 AM
A new review of past studies suggests that taking zinc may cut the time adults have to suffer with a common cold, but the alternative treatment will likely come with unpleasant side effects

Egypt - Politics
5/6/2012 1:05:30 PM
Activists released Sunday after being detained at Friday's Abbasiya protest describe 'terrible' treatment by military police and infiltration by female military spies

Life & Style - Health
4/26/2012 1:39:59 PM
The main ingredient in Botox may be modestly helpful for people with chronic migraines, a new report suggests, but the wrinkle treatment doesn't seem to offer much relief for those whose headaches are less frequent

World - Region
4/23/2012 5:31:41 PM
The 1,200 Palestinian prisoners protesting detention through hunger striking are subjected to more stringent treatment after launching their mass strike

Life & Style - Health
4/23/2012 12:52:06 PM
Babies conceived through fertility treatment techniques are one-third more likely to have a birth defect though it is not clear why

World - International
4/21/2012 2:37:23 PM
Former Ukrainian Premier and the leader of the Batkivschyna Party, Yulia Tymoshenko begins reciving treatment for back pain in the Ukrainian Railways hospital in Kharkiv

Life & Style - Health
4/21/2012 12:43:39 PM
Many people treated for cancer are worn out for a time, but new findings suggest that long-lasting fatigue may be less common than thought -- at least for women with early-stage breast cancer

Life & Style - Health
4/18/2012 9:24:13 PM
A specialist reveals the secrets of one of the most surreptitious diseases, and sheds light on how to deal with it

World - International
4/2/2012 1:54:22 PM
Jailed Orange Revolution leader allowed to receive medical treatment inside Ukraine after growing concern for her health

Sports - Omni Sports
3/29/2012 4:47:30 PM
Jo-Wilfried Tsonga says Rafael Nadal received preferential treatment from the chair umpire during their quarterfinal match at the Sony Ericsson Open

Business - Economy
3/28/2012 7:58:38 PM
After decades of special treatment, AIB will soon have to meet regulations followed by every other bank in Egypt

Life & Style - Health
3/25/2012 12:44:54 PM
Early detection and new treatments can help save thousands from blindness. Ahram Online sheds light on the latest research into age-related vision loss

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