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Euro2012 - News
6/18/2012 11:28:12 AM
Shevchenko has a 50-50 chance of turning out for Tuesday's England clash

Presidential elections 2012 - Presidential elections news
6/4/2012 1:46:56 PM
On first day of expat polling for Egypt's upcoming presidential runoff, voter turnout outstrips that seen on first day of the first-round vote

Egypt - Politics
5/4/2012 10:49:39 PM
With most eyes on marches to defence ministry which turned bloody, Egypt's main political power - the Muslim Brotherhood - turns out in force for a non-eventful Tahrir Square rally to demand the military relinquish authority

Egypt - Politics
4/16/2012 3:32:51 PM
Islamist calls to boycott Sham El-Nasim appear to fall on deaf ears as Egyptians from all walks of life flock to celebrate the ancient Egyptian spring festival

Egypt - Politics
4/13/2012 12:17:04 PM
Tens of thousands demonstrators – mostly Islamists – turned out in Tahrir Square and surrounding streets to protest against the remnants of the former regime

World - Region
4/7/2012 2:25:42 PM
Thousands of demonstrators turned out in the Syrian capital to show their backing for President Bashar al-Assad's ruling Baath party on the 65th anniversary of its creation

Egypt - Politics
3/28/2012 7:06:41 PM
Wednesday's planned march on parliament to protest 'Islamist domination' of constitution-drafting body fails to attract large number of supporters

Arts & Culture - Film
3/10/2012 9:42:16 AM
An archivist at the British Film Institute has stumbled across a 1901 movie just one minute long which turns out to be the earliest surviving film featuring a character from the works of Charles Dickens

Egypt - Politics
3/5/2012 8:38:15 PM
Salafist protesters demand release of blind sheikh, accuse military council of caving to US pressure in recent NGO showdown

World - International
1/28/2012 10:43:32 AM
Hundreds turned out for an unusually large protest in Kazakhstan against the conduct of parliamentary polls that gave a landslide victory to President Nazarbayev's ruling party

Multimedia -
1/27/2012 10:57:15 PM

Egypt - Politics
1/27/2012 11:44:37 AM
Follow our blow-by-blow account of Egypt's Friday protests, as revolutionaries take to Tahrir and squares across the country, following Wednesday's mass demonstrations, to demand a swift power transition to a civil authority

World - Region
12/24/2011 5:40:47 PM
Thousands of Syrians take on the streets in Damascus to attend funeral prayers for the 44 victims of suicide bombers in the capital as charge and counter-charge swirl over who is behind the attacks

Egypt - Politics
12/23/2011 2:34:00 PM
Roughly 25,000 turn out for anti-SCAF rally in Cairo and governorates as pro-SCAF counter-demo draws hundreds in capital's Abbasiya Square

Elections 2011 - News
11/29/2011 8:21:16 PM
Voters on Tuesday line up to cast ballots in Cairo's Shubra district, home to the capital's largest Coptic-Christian community

Elections 2011 -
11/29/2011 11:19:59 AM
Some campaigners fear the further marginalisation of women in political life

Elections 2011 - News
11/28/2011 10:18:27 AM
As Egyptians head to the polls in what looks to be a massive turn-out unprecedented for decades, Ahram Online provides a blow-by-blow account of Egypt's first post-Mubarak parliamentary election

World - Region
11/25/2011 11:28:12 AM
Morocco's first post-reform elections are staged Friday amid calls for boycott from the pro-reform February 20 movement, turn-out expected to be low

Egypt - Politics
11/17/2011 7:28:32 PM
A brief glance at the post-revolutionary political forces expected to turn out - and those that will not - for tomorrow's planned Tahrir Square protest against the so-called 'supra-constitutional principles'

Sports - National Teams
11/15/2011 10:45:34 AM
Ahram Online looks back on the career of Ahmed Hassan who became the world's joint most-capped international player when he turned out for Egypt against Brazil on Monday

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