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World - International
11/8/2011 3:44:02 PM
The Russian ruling party faced accusations of breaking the law after its posters for Russia's legislative polls turned out to be almost identical to those of the election watchdog

Elections 2011 - News
11/2/2011 1:00:12 PM
Egypt is in dire need of a new parliament to push forward the transitional period, but considering the protracted security vacuum, parliamentary elections might turn out to be a step backward

World - Region
10/12/2011 11:48:04 AM
A rally in support of President Bashar al-Assad, starting with a Facebook page 'My homeland, Syria', sets off with 1,000 supporters, denouncing the formation of the Syrian National Council

Sports - Africa
10/5/2011 7:34:28 PM
Siasia urges Nigerians to turn out en masse for Super Eagles' showdown with Guinea in Saturday's African Cup qualifier

Egypt - Politics
9/17/2011 12:24:17 PM
Key military figures Tantawi and Annan lead the funeral procession of Gamal Abdel Nasser's oldest son, Khaled, who died Thursday aged 63

Egypt - Politics
9/16/2011 3:00:11 PM
Unlike the last week's Friday, hundreds, and not thousands of activists turned out in iconic Tahrir Square protest

World - Region
9/9/2011 4:09:36 PM
Streets of Yemen's capital are flooded by hundred of thousands of anti-Saleh protesters as a ruling party delegation heads to Riyadh to discuss power-transfer

Sports - World
7/24/2011 9:41:57 PM
German giants Bayern Munich breathed a sigh of relief Sunday after an injury sustained by French international Franck Ribery in pre-season training turned out to be not as serious as feared

Arts & Culture - Music
3/22/2011 5:39:50 PM
To real music lovers, a harp recital is usually irresistible. When given by a talented artist, it turns out to be a real delight

World - Region
3/20/2011 3:02:06 PM
Tens of thousands of people gathered in the Yemeni capital Sunday for the funerals of some of the 52 people killed in a bloody crackdown on protesters by loyalists of President Ali Abdullah Saleh

Sports - World
2/22/2011 2:13:17 AM
The stadium was packed to the rafters with raucous fans, mostly female, who had turned out to watched the first-ever public encounter in the Palestinian women's football league

Books -
2/17/2011 5:31:10 PM
Mahmoud El-Wardani witnessed the first moments of what eventually turned out to be a revolution

World - Region
2/12/2011 2:40:25 PM
Algerians march on the government and call for Bouteflika to leave

Egypt - Politics
2/8/2011 4:58:40 PM
Demonstrators and organizers of the continuing protests in Tahrir Square are expecting the largest turn-out yet today

Egypt - Politics
2/7/2011 10:53:54 AM
Those killed since the demonstrations started on 25 January were remembered Sunday as protesters again turned out in their thousands in a show of defiance and unity

Egypt - Politics
1/27/2011 6:38:34 PM
A 'Friday for Martyrs and Political prisoners" is scheduled for tomorrow, after noon prayers. Tens of thousands are expected to turn out

Egypt - Attack on Egypt Copts
1/7/2011 2:43:42 AM
Amidst high-security and in an unprecedented show of solidarity, Muslims and Copts gathered at churches across Egypt Thursday night to observe the Coptic Christian Christmas eve mass

Egypt - Attack on Egypt Copts
1/6/2011 4:12:42 PM
In a show of solidarity, large numbers of Muslims are expected to turn out in churches across the country for tonight's high-security Coptic Christmas mass

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