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World - Region
12/18/2011 2:43:51 PM
Gulf Cooperation Council holds its first annual meeting since the Arab spring started, Several regional issues impose themselves on the summit this year, including relations with Iran as well as the situation of Syria and Yemen

Business - Economy
12/10/2011 4:06:14 PM
Credit rating agency says decision will rest on whether EU summits produces a convincing response to continent's debt crisis

Business - Economy
12/10/2011 12:31:28 PM
Exports to North Africa drop a third on last year, with officials laying blame on region's political upheaval

Egypt - Politics
12/8/2011 3:58:38 PM
Egypt's newly appointed prime minister started his first day discussing a police plan to restore order and stability following recent upheaval

Business - Economy
12/5/2011 5:09:33 PM
Credit agency puts country's banks on negative outlook based on upheaval in neighbouring Syria and slowing economic growth

Business - Economy
12/4/2011 1:39:33 PM
Sultanate is seeing 50 per cent more visitors during peak season as tourists bypass Egypt, Tunisia and Syria

Arts & Culture - Visual Art
11/20/2011 1:36:00 PM
After weeks of conflict, the 22nd Youth Salon, themed “Change”, opens featuring artistic expression against a backdrop of ongoing upheaval. A sense of freedom runs through many artworks

Business - Economy
11/9/2011 4:23:57 PM
Agency says main danger for nation's banks comes from their operating environment and current political uncertainties

Business - Economy
11/8/2011 5:32:35 PM
World's largest hotelier says political upheaval has led to a significant decline in takings for its 10 hotels in Egypt and two in Bahrain

Business - Economy
11/4/2011 12:09:48 PM
Jordan medicine firm reports 9 per cent growth in third quarter revenues after its first half profits were hit hard by regional upheavals

Business - Economy
10/31/2011 5:14:41 PM
Corruption and unemployment at home can not be ignored in the wake of regional upheavals, Sultan Qaboos tells officials

Business - Economy
9/30/2011 6:02:46 PM
Chairman of the Arab Tourism Organization says industry players need to diversify and try to attract domestic tourism

Business - Economy
9/21/2011 5:14:59 PM
Incoming cargo has climbed 27 per cent and transit trade more than twice that, as shippers benefit from closures of Syrian ports and the US withdrawal from Iraq

Business - Economy
9/13/2011 12:27:02 PM
Major cablemaker expects demand to pick up for all operations after regional upheaval squeezed sales for the first six months of the year

Business - Economy
9/2/2011 1:49:28 PM
Customs revenues slip to LE13.4 billion for the 2010-11 fiscal year as regional upheaval puts the partial brakes on trade

Business - Economy
8/18/2011 12:10:50 PM
Traditionally small contribution of affected Arab nations, around 2 per cent of the total, means overall loss in trade was minor

World - Region
8/15/2011 11:27:18 AM
The chief of China's armed forces visited Israel on Sunday in what analysts saw as part of a Middle East reassessment by Beijing following the political upheaval of the "Arab Spring"

World - Region
8/13/2011 12:50:40 PM
Saudi Arabia is getting bolder in its strategy for dealing with the Middle East's uprisings

Business - Economy
8/8/2011 9:17:52 PM
Egypt's biggest listed automobile assembler witnesses a fall in profits due to political upheaval

Business - Economy
7/4/2011 2:47:31 PM
Upheavals in Egypt, Libya and Tunisia are likely to reduce North Africa's 2011 growth to 0.7 per cent but the long-term political effects are worth the trouble, says bank's chief economist

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