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World - International
11/23/2013 4:24:14 PM
In Warsaw, developed nations, which promised to raise climate aid in 2009, resisted calls by the developing world to set new targets for the future
World - International
11/23/2013 2:32:34 PM
World - International
11/20/2013 6:45:07 PM
Polish environment minister is sacked in the midst of UN climate talks in Warsaw, which he is heading
World - International
11/12/2013 1:48:38 PM
An international relief effort is underway, with US and Britain sending warships and the UN launching an appeal for 300 million dollars
World - International
11/12/2013 10:34:09 AM
A Monday march by far-right groups turns violent outside Russian embassy in Poland
World - International
11/12/2013 9:22:42 AM
United States and Britain to deploy warships carrying thousands of soldiers to the Philippines; other UN relief efforts include food and medical aid
World - International
11/11/2013 7:21:21 PM
March marking Poland's national independence day by right wing protesters breaks down into running battles with police third year in a row
Egypt - Politics
11/11/2013 1:08:36 PM
Missile cruiser 'Varyag' docks at Mediterranean port of Alexandria two days ahead of visit by top Russian diplomats
World - International
11/11/2013 12:00:13 PM
World - International
11/5/2013 6:18:27 PM
John Kerry urges the Europeans not to confuse the spying issue with the trade talks
World - International
11/5/2013 1:11:18 PM
Kerry in talks with Poland's foreign minister in Warsaw, following US global spying scandal
World - Region
10/10/2013 9:06:57 AM
The abduction comes five days after US commandos embarrassed and angered Libya's government by capturing senior Al-Qaeda suspect Abu Anas al-Libi off the streets of Tripoli and whisked him away to a warship
World - International
9/14/2013 7:45:50 PM
Hundreds of thousands of Polish trade union members held protests in Warsaw against the government's economic policies
Opinion -
9/14/2013 7:04:23 PM
Following the 9/11 events, a discourse of fear proliferated in America, shutting down rational thought. Wars abroad and attacks on rights at home followed, with dear ethical and legal consequences
World - Region
9/8/2013 1:21:43 PM
Pope Francis asked what were the reasons for wars such as the one raging in Syria and mentioned 'commercial war to sell arms'
World - Region
9/8/2013 11:56:46 AM
The US administration says its evidence is classified and is only sharing details in closed-door briefings with members of Congress and key allies
World - International
9/4/2013 11:16:50 AM
Here are 10 interesting things said by the Russian President Vladimir Putin during an interview with AP
World - Region
9/3/2013 7:05:13 PM
Military officials reveals that the US Navy has redeployed warships in the Middle East for any potential strikes against Syria
World - Region
8/30/2013 4:53:10 PM
US warships armed with dozens of cruise missiles are on standby in the Mediterranean as Washington prepares a military intervention in Syria
World - Region
8/29/2013 11:43:57 AM
The Russian navy denies linkage to events in Syria, justifying the step as part of a long-planned rotation of its ships in the Mediterranean
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