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Business - Economy
3/22/2012 6:19:31 PM
In effort to staunch influx of smuggled cigarettes and raise govt tax revenue, Egypt's three cigarette producers will henceforth be obliged to stamp all their products with special watermark

Arts & Culture - Stage & Street
3/20/2012 1:20:50 PM
Somalia's national theatre reopened in the war-ravaged capital Mogadishu for the first time in 20 years Monday with the president voicing hope it would mark a watershed in the long quest for peace

Business - Economy
3/17/2012 1:16:45 PM
Water fountains turn green with envy on St Patrick's Day, as Ireland goes all-out this year to inspire confidence in an economic upturn

Business - Economy
3/15/2012 12:25:14 PM
While water management has improved in the Middle East serious problems still need to be confronted, according to a new study

Egypt - Politics
2/20/2012 3:02:37 PM
Water minister Hisham Kandil points to good relations with upstream states but reiterates refusal by Cairo, Khartoum to sign on to 2010 Nile-sharing agreement

Sports - Africa
2/20/2012 2:18:57 PM
Defence of Zimbabwe former football chief says charges of corruption and match-fixing will not hold water

World - Region
2/20/2012 11:58:16 AM
Can the most recent non-aggression treaty between Sudan and S Sudan counter the years of mutual antagonisms over oil, borders, water and violence?

Business - Economy
2/16/2012 7:14:30 PM
Two senior staff of Egypt's largest dairy producer are handed one-year prison sentences for watering down milk

Life & Style - Health
2/14/2012 2:20:08 PM
Swapping your soda for water – or at least diet soda – can boost your chances by 20% to shed a few pounds, a new clinical trial finds

Heritage - Islamic
2/11/2012 12:35:52 PM
After a substantial leak of drainage water, Al-Muizz Street in historic Cairo is safe

CAN 2012 - News
1/25/2012 6:32:01 PM
The match between Libya and Zambia in the African Nations Cup has started after a delay of more than an hour following a 25-minute tropical deluge that waterlogged the pitch at the 37,500-capacity Bata Stadium

Sports - World
1/16/2012 7:01:44 PM
Claudio Ranieri poured cold water on plans to sign Carlos Tevez after watching his side stun champions AC Milan and thrust themselves back into the Serie A title race

Business - Economy
1/15/2012 1:20:34 PM
Last month's fees for country's vital waterway are up an annual 5 per cent, ahead of price hike in March

Egypt - Politics
1/14/2012 4:03:13 PM
Egyptian Foreign Minister Mohamed Amr arrived in Juba Saturday to meet with South Sudan President Silva Kir

Business - Economy
1/12/2012 1:28:17 PM
Restrictions aimed at depriving the Islamic Republic's nuclear programme of funds are squeezing vital exports and government finances, making life increasingly tough for working Iranians

World - Region
1/10/2012 10:29:47 AM
An Israeli ultranationalist lawmaker faced possible suspension from the Knesset for hurling a cup of water at an Arab member of parliament when he told her to "shut up" in a row over alleged anti-Israeli incitement

Business - Economy
1/9/2012 5:45:11 PM
Postponement for the launch of a pipeline which would cut reliance on the contested Gulf waterway sparks a rise in oil prices

World - Region
1/3/2012 10:32:38 AM
In a new bid to pump fresh water in the stalled peace talks between Israelis and Palestinians, Jordan hosts a meeting between the two sides

World - Region
12/31/2011 8:07:11 PM
The fall of four Arab dictators was a watershed in the history of the Arabs, but much remains to be done to underwrite 2011's Arab revolutions

World - Region
12/28/2011 4:36:42 PM
Closing off the Gulf to oil tankers will be "easier than drinking a glass of water" for Iran if the Islamic state deems it necessary, ratcheting up fears over the world's most important oil choke point

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