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Egypt - Politics
6/1/2013 12:41:38 PM
Case filed against President Morsi for failing to ban porn websites adjourned to July

World - Region
5/26/2013 2:53:00 PM
Cyber hackers attack several official Saudi websites; no one claims responsibility for the electronic raid

World - Region
4/7/2013 10:38:00 AM
Posters using the name of the hacking group Anonymous warns they will launch a massive attack on Israeli sites in a strike they called (hash)OpIsrael starting April 7

Books - World
3/13/2013 12:41:52 PM
Groups representing US authors and publishers call on Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers to deny Amazon rights to websites ending with .book, .author, or .read

Egypt - Politics
2/9/2013 1:11:36 PM
A court orders the Egyptian government to ban all websites that published the controversial anti-Islam film for a period of one month, including the popular video sharing portal, YouTube

World - International
12/8/2012 12:55:35 PM
A potential successor of Al-Qaeda Egyptian leader Ayman al-Zawahiri is reportedly killed by a US airstrike in Pakistan

Egypt - Politics
12/4/2012 3:42:28 PM
News websites show support for press strike demanding protection of media freedom in Egypt

World - Region
11/18/2012 7:41:06 PM
Israeli Finance Minister says there are daily hacking attempts against Israeli websites since the beginning of the attack on Gaza; defence-related sites and those of Israel's PM, president and Foreign Ministry are targeted

Egypt - Politics
11/7/2012 9:16:51 PM
Islamist forces welcome, civil forces condemn prosecutor-general's decision to implement court ruling banning pornographic websites in Egypt

Egypt - Politics
11/7/2012 8:55:03 PM
Prosecutor-General Abdel-Meguid Mahmoud instructs telecommunications, information and interior ministries to implement three-year old court order banning online pornography

World - Region
9/26/2012 11:02:17 AM
Communications ministry official says government seeking to ban links to anti-Arab video but not block video-sharing websites themselves

World - Region
9/15/2012 5:07:59 PM
American Think Tank reports that one of websites linked to Al-Qaeda announced its responsibility for attack on US embassy in Benghazi, Libya

Sports - World
8/15/2012 9:23:20 PM
Arsenal have agreed terms to sell their captain Robin van Persie to Manchester United, the two Premier League rivals said on their websites on Wednesday

World - Region
6/16/2012 11:32:30 AM
The US-based SITE Intelligence Group, which follows jihadist websites, says Al-Qaeda's Islamic State of Iraq wing (ISI) claimed responsibility for Wednesday's bombings that targeted Shiite pilgrims

World - International
6/10/2012 7:01:14 PM
Websites linked to al-Qaeda deny the death of its deputy head Abu Yahya al-Libi alive whom Washington claimed last week to have killed

Business - Economy
5/12/2012 3:53:58 PM
Ministry order bans banks, insurance and telephone firms from using foreign hosts for their websites or informing clients who use foreign email providers

World - International
5/3/2012 4:06:22 PM
Kosovar newspapers, websites launch one-day boycott of govt-related news to protest new criminal code that critics say violates press freedoms

Business - Economy
4/29/2012 2:08:46 PM
Blocking adult websites would be costly, only partially successful and set a worrying precedent for internet freedoms, say delegates at a Cairo tech conference; but others believe the social benefits worth the price

Books -
4/27/2012 12:39:51 PM
Projects from all over the world showcase creativity in e-lerning, inclusion, environment, and e-government solutions to benefit people, in Cairo from 26 to 29 April

World - International
4/12/2012 11:40:49 AM
State closes dozens of websites and deletes messages as political scandal builds

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