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1/8/2012 4:12:05 PM
The writer of iconic movie KitKat died Saturday of heart problems

Egypt - Politics
1/8/2012 1:57:24 PM
Legal action follows minister's previous lawsuit against two writers for the government-run Akhbar newspaper for insulting Egypt's police force and inciting violence

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1/5/2012 2:05:01 PM
Egyptian writer will discuss his Arabic Booker Prize long-listed novel Embrace on Brooklyn Bridge on 10 January

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1/3/2012 4:24:27 PM
Two ladies from Upper Egypt will come to discuss their work amongst young and professional writers and critics at The Narration Lab

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1/2/2012 6:13:30 PM
Lebanese writer gives his analysis of issues that shocked the Middle East in 5 turbulent years between 2005 and 2010

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12/22/2011 4:15:45 PM
Dar Merit publishing will receive Khaled Owais for a discussion tonight 22 December at 7pm

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12/22/2011 12:48:37 PM
Writers call for a march on 30 December from Zamalek to Tahrir in support of essential freedoms and early presidential elections

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12/18/2011 12:23:49 PM
Sherif Saleh in his book, Transforming a Story: Naguib Mahfouz's, The Thief and The Dogs, analyses how writers cannot be simple observers through the example of Mahfouz's book on a murder

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12/15/2011 12:21:43 PM
Beit Al-Sanary will host writer Shawqy Badr on Friday, 16 December, to discuss his newly released book, Bibliogravia Naguib Mahfouz

Arts & Culture - Stage & Street
12/13/2011 2:28:12 PM
Tonight, Tuesday 13 December, Rawabet Theatre will feature the play Are You Free? by Leneen El-Ramly

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12/12/2011 10:04:21 AM
The Sotheby's London auction house announced it will start bidding on a major cache of manuscripts by Nobel Prize-winning Egyptian writer, Naguib Mahfouz on Thursday

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12/11/2011 6:24:17 PM
The Human Side in Naguib Mahfouz, by the novelist Saeed Salem, shows the sensitive side of the Nobel-winning writer

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12/11/2011 4:31:50 PM
Zamalek branch to host the writer tomorrow evening

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12/10/2011 12:07:34 PM
Al-Kotob Khan celebrates Naguib Mahfouz in its own way at a moment when the legendary Egyptian writer comes under attack by some fundamentalists

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12/8/2011 3:05:55 PM
The new issue of Al-Thaqafa Al-Jadeeda celebrates Naguib Mahfouz, including an article by Egyptian Writers Union head Mohamed Salmawy, focusing on the attempt on his life 17 years ago

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12/8/2011 2:51:03 PM
Awarding of this year's Naguib Mahfouz Medal part of centenary celebrations held by AUC Press for Nobel-winning writer

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11/20/2011 10:35:33 AM
Al-Zaytoun Workshop will host the writer Mai Khaled on Monday, 21 November, to sign and discuss her novel, Tango wa Mawal(Tango and Mawal) at 7:30pm

Books - Review
11/15/2011 2:54:57 PM
In his second book since the revolution, writer Abdel-Kader Shohaib argues that the MB's traditional strategies are no longer suitable in Egypt's post-Mubarak political landscape

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11/13/2011 6:53:39 PM
Egyptian writer to sign and discuss his short story collection Monabeh Be Zambalek at 7:30pm on 14 November

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11/10/2011 3:02:28 PM
Book chronicling January 25 Revolution by Finnish writer published in Arabic

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