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Egypt - Politics
7/12/2012 9:26:40 PM
The Constituent Assembly has gone a long way in writing Egypt’s new constitution, but several contentious issues remain on the table

Books - World
6/25/2012 1:35:53 PM
Liao Yiwu's work is banned in China and his writings fabrications about the horrors of political oppression

Egypt - Politics
6/10/2012 11:13:47 AM
Political parties and personalities appear happy with the 50-50 Islamist/non-Islamist division of the body tasked with writing a new permanent constitution

Books - World
6/6/2012 6:06:08 PM
Memoir by Whitney Houston's mother due next February is being billed as 'the definitive account' of the recently deceased star's life

Egypt - Politics
6/5/2012 2:52:36 PM
Meeting to discuss proposed amendments to process of constitution-writing; some parties attend, while others including FJP refuse

Egypt -
6/4/2012 6:30:11 PM
The advisory council to the SCAF has asked for an amendment to article 60 of the constitutional declaration which stipulates that the parliament will draw up the constituent assembly

Books - World
5/30/2012 3:13:47 PM
Writer Herta Müller went from being a teacher who lost her job and lived under constant threat for refusing to cooperate with former Romanian dictator secret police, to winning the Nobel Prize for literature in 2009

Egypt - Politics
5/26/2012 6:17:58 PM
The People's Assembly will consider new draft guidelines for the Constituent Assembly in an effort to get constitution writing back on track

Books -
5/21/2012 5:06:42 PM
The discussion of the body in writing as part of the Cairo Mediterranean Literary Festival took the audience into one intriguing interpretation of revolutions: a group using their bodily presence to force change

Books -
5/2/2012 8:21:31 PM
The Society of the Friends of Ahmed BahaaEddin opens writing festival today

Books - World
4/18/2012 3:24:00 PM
The UN organisation's celebration presents an opportunity to promote reading and writing and remember some of the greatest authors in history

World - International
4/5/2012 2:47:39 PM
Israel joins in German Nobel literature laureate's condemnation for writing poem describing Israel a threat

Business - Economy
4/4/2012 4:34:42 PM
The make-up of the assembly writing Egypt's new constitution may be bitterly contested, but the body's economists are likely to agree on putting business interests and growth ahead of social justice

Books -
4/2/2012 2:26:21 PM
The late author, Mohamed Mostagab, brings the mythical Upper Egyptian figure Abdel-Hafez to life with the colours of his smooth writing style

World - Region
4/2/2012 11:30:41 AM
Palestinian leader Marwan Barghouti placed in solitary confinement for writing a letter in which he urged an end to cooperation with Israel

Egypt - Politics
3/28/2012 6:48:20 PM
After electing an Islamist chairman, the Constituent Assembly tasked with writing Egypt's new constitution held its first meeting despite the absence of a third of its members, mostly liberals, who are boycotting in protest

Egypt -
3/27/2012 11:28:01 AM
Youth group rejects 'unrepresentative' assembly tasked with writing new constitution, expresses concern over method of electing president

Books -
3/26/2012 2:27:05 PM
Committee responsible for authoring Egypt's constitution failed to include one member of the writing union despite the group submitting a proposed list of names; Egypt's renowned intellectuals tell Ahram Online worse is to come

Egypt - Politics
3/26/2012 12:34:16 AM
Islamist forces appear set to dominate the assembly tasked with writing Egypt's new constitution

Egypt - Politics
3/21/2012 12:21:51 PM
Liberal Al-Adl Party nominates Nobel Prize winners ElBaradei and Zewail for committee tasked with writing Egypt's new constitution

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