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Arts & Culture - Music
3/27/2024 8:37:38 PM
The megastar Amr Diab will perform a concert at Gouna's Cubix stage on the first day of Eid Al-Fitr on 10 April.

Arts & Culture - Music
2/14/2024 10:48:32 AM
Ahram Online highlights a selection of do-not-miss events this week (14-20 February, 2024) in Cairo and Alexandria.

Arts & Culture - Music
1/2/2024 11:54:24 AM
Egypt's megastar Amr Diab gave a New Year's concert at Dubai's Nammos stage, in his first performance days after releasing his latest album Makanak (Your Place).

Arts & Culture - Music
12/28/2023 8:18:58 PM
Amr Diab started releasing consecutive songs from his new album, Makanak (your Place), beginning midday Thursday.

Arts & Culture - Music
11/12/2023 9:29:01 PM
Following Amr Diab's postponement of his 20 October concert at Coca-Cola Arena in Dubai, the organizers revealed the new date to be 18 November.

Arts & Culture - Music
10/21/2023 12:10:55 AM
Egyptian megastar Amr Diab decided to postpone his concert, which was scheduled to be held in Dubai, on Friday, at the Coca-Cola Arena.

Arts & Culture - Music
7/15/2023 12:33:28 PM
Released on Thursday, Amr Diab’s summer tune Ya Leil (O, Night) is the Egyptian megastar’s first collaboration with his son Abdallah.

Arts & Culture - Music
7/12/2023 6:09:00 PM
Ahram Online highlights a selection of do-not-miss events this week (12-18 July) in Egypt.

Arts & Culture - Music
7/4/2023 12:28:30 PM
Egyptian popstar Alaa Abdel-Khalek, known for his hit albums during the cassette era in the 80s and 90s, passed away on Tuesday at the age of 59 after a long battle with illness.

Arts & Culture - Screens
7/1/2023 4:51:41 PM
Ezzat Abou Ouf left our world on 1 July 2019, leaving a huge legacy in cinema, TV, theater and music.

Arts & Culture - Music
6/30/2023 7:57:49 PM
The Eid Al-Adha holiday in Egypt and Arab countries has officially kicked off the summer season, which is seeing a surge in pop star releases despite similarities in lyrics and music arrangements.

Arts & Culture - Music
6/5/2023 2:13:51 PM
Egyptian pop composer Mohamed El-Nadi passed away on Monday at the age of 39.

Arts & Culture - Music
4/28/2023 3:26:19 PM
The Egyptian pop music heavyweights will perform in Kuwait during the month of May.

Arts & Culture - Music
4/16/2023 11:20:00 PM
The Ramadan season on the silver screen was packed - as usual during the holy month - with new TV series and mega commercials which dominated on social media and music streaming platforms in Egypt as well as in the Arab World.

Arts & Culture - Music
3/31/2023 6:07:32 PM
Amr Diab topped the Anghami charts with his song Taala (Come), which provided a soundtrack to one of the many ads released by companies during the popular TV-viewing month of Ramadan.

Arts & Culture - Music
3/9/2023 2:30:10 PM
Egyptian legendary composer Hany Shenouda, 80, has been paid tribute in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on Wednesday in a big concert that featured Arab star singers.

Arts & Culture - Music
2/23/2023 9:22:29 AM
Amr Diab's latest single Btamen Alek (I'm checking on you) is the most listened-to song on the Anghami application.

Arts & Culture - Music
12/31/2022 2:33:02 PM
Evergreen Egyptian pop star Amr Diab finished 2022 with a bang, releasing two singles: Matigy Nfok (“Let’s Chill”) and Single on Thursday and Friday respectively.

Arts & Culture - Music
12/25/2022 12:32:15 PM
Evergreen Egyptian pop star Amr Diab has topped the 2022 most-listened artists list on the leading Arab music platform Anghami with nearly 360 million streams this year, with over 270 million coming from Egypt alone.

Arts & Culture - Music
12/10/2022 6:03:17 PM
Spotify has celebrated the voice of Arab women, unveiling 2022 charts for female artists, listing Sheriene Abdel-Wahab as the most-streamed Egyptian female artist globally.

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