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Business - Markets & Companies
7/15/2024 1:49:35 PM
Egypt’s largest telecommunication operator Telecom Egypt (TE) announced on Monday it has collaborated with mobile phone manufacturer Nokia to bring the 5G technology to Egypt's cities of Alexandria, Aswan, Cairo, Giza, and Luxor, according to a press release by TE.

Al-Ahram Weekly - Egypt
7/3/2024 8:11:14 PM
Doaa El-Bey reports from the Aswan Forum for Sustainable Peace and Development

Egypt - Foreign Affairs
7/2/2024 3:17:05 PM
Minister of Foreign Affairs Sameh Shoukry emphasized the urgent need for African nations to adopt a holistic approach to address issues of peace, security, and development amid unprecedented global challenges during his inauguration of the Fourth Aswan Forum for Sustainable Peace and Development in Cairo on Tuesday.

Business - Economy
7/1/2024 3:16:43 PM
The Saudi-listed ACWA Power Company has received the commercial operation certificate for Egypt’s Kom Ombo for Energy project, the company announced in a disclosure to the Saudi Stock Exchange “Tadawul.”

Antiquities - Ancient Egypt
6/24/2024 5:45:41 PM
An Egyptian-Italian archaeological mission has uncovered early this month a group of 33 previously unknown Graeco-Roman family tombs in the vicinity of the Aga Khan Mausoleum at Aswan’s west bank. The discovery sheds light on the diseases inhabitants of that era had suffered.

Egypt - Society
6/7/2024 3:45:05 PM
Southern Upper Egypt city of Aswan recorded a staggering temperature of 49.6 degrees Celsius in the shade on Thursday, marking one of the highest temperatures ever recorded in the region, according to the Egyptian Meteorological Authority (EMA).

Egypt - Foreign Affairs
6/4/2024 12:26:35 PM
Cairo is gearing up to host the fourth Aswan Forum for Sustainable Peace and Development on 2-3 July, aiming to explore comprehensive responses for complex challenges facing Africa and means to achieve peace.

Al-Ahram Weekly - Culture
5/21/2024 9:00:08 PM
The up-and-coming filmmaker Amina Abdoulaye Mamani talks about The Envoy of God, a film that looks deep into the heart of terrorism in Niger. The film won the Best Short Film award at Aswan International Women Film Festival last month.

Al-Ahram Weekly - Culture
4/30/2024 7:27:38 PM
The 8th edition of the Aswan International Women Film Festival took place between 20 and 25 April 2024, bringing a multitude of film screenings, workshops, seminars and discussions to Egypt's south

Arts & Culture - Screens
4/26/2024 7:50:31 PM
As the 8th edition of the Aswan International Women Film Festival closed on Thursday, the festival’s awards were announced. Egyptian productions scored numerous awards across different segments of the festival

Egypt - Foreign Affairs
4/24/2024 5:42:46 PM
Alessandro Fracassetti, UNDP Egypt resident representative, praised collaboration with the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise Development Agency (MSMEDA) for its increasing importance in creating jobs.

Egypt - Society
4/16/2024 7:28:31 PM
A significant increase in temperatures is set to occur across Egypt this week, with winds set to sweep across the nation on Wednesday, stirring up dust and sand, according to the Egyptian Meteorological Authority (EMA).

Arts & Culture - Screens
4/9/2024 5:33:50 PM
Tunisia was announced to be a country of honour at the 8th edition of the Aswan International Women Film Festival (AIWFF) which will be held 20-25 April.

Egypt - Society
3/9/2024 6:58:10 PM
Egypt will experience a remarkable increase in temperatures ranging from seven to nine degrees across the nation as the country welcomes the first week of Ramadan, according to the Egyptian Meteorological Authority (EMA).

Arts & Culture - Screens
3/4/2024 3:44:45 PM
Aswan International Women Film Festival (AIWFF) has revealed the poster of its eighth edition, which is scheduled to take place on 20-25 April.

Egypt - Tourism
2/22/2024 1:27:03 PM
The sun aligned on the statue of Ramses II in Aswan's Abu Simbel Temple on Thursday morning in a rare astronomical phenomenon that occurs biannually -- on 22 October and 22 February.

Egypt - Urban & Transport
2/21/2024 3:27:00 PM
In a tragic incident on Wednesday, 11 Sudanese nationals lost their lives, with six others sustaining injuries, following a car accident on the El-Alaqqi road in Egypt's Aswan governorate.

Multimedia - In Pictures
2/13/2024 10:13:14 AM

Antiquities - Ancient Egypt
1/31/2024 5:12:26 PM
A joint Italian-Polish archaeological mission has uncovered during their work at the Sheikh Mohammed site in Aswan the skeletal remains of a young woman who suffered rheumatoid arthritis.

Life & Style - City Lights
1/18/2024 11:58:16 AM
The Russian Cultural Centre commemorated the 64th anniversary of the laying of the foundation stone of the Aswan High Dam on 15 January at its Tchaikovsky Theatre in Dokki, Cairo.

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