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Egypt - Politics
4/4/2015 2:32:21 PM
Hosni Mubarak and his two sons are being retried on charges of embezzling funds earmarked for state buildings

World - Region
4/1/2015 7:33:25 PM

Egypt - Politics
3/28/2015 2:16:32 PM
Tamim Bin Hamad Al-Thani's attendance at the Arab Summit is being taken by observers as an indication of eased tensions between Cairo and Doha

Egypt - Politics
3/27/2015 1:55:22 PM
The lawsuit led to a verdict declaring Hamas a terrorist organisation, but the ruling is being appealed by the Egyptian government

Egypt - Politics
3/18/2015 7:35:04 PM
The Criminal Court will oversee the trial of the football disaster where 20 Zamalek club fans were killed in a stampede after being tear-gassed by security forces on 18 April

World - Region
3/18/2015 1:48:02 PM
Hostages from France, Italy, Spain and Britain reportedly being held at Bardo museum in Tunis

World - Region
3/11/2015 12:17:22 PM

Sports - Talents Abroad
3/6/2015 9:56:00 PM
Despite being lauded by the Italian and global media alike after his outstanding performance for Fiorentina, Salah is media-shy

Sports - Africa
3/5/2015 9:25:11 PM
Tunisian players and officials have accused the Confederation of African Football of being biased and as a result have been threatened with suspension from next tournament in 2017

World - Region
2/26/2015 8:31:56 PM

World - International
2/25/2015 9:00:56 PM
Electoral candidates all over the UK are being asked their views on Palestinian rights in a campaign to ensure Palestine remains high on the agenda of the next parliament

Egypt - Politics
2/22/2015 2:46:20 PM
The former senior member of the National Democratic Party will appeal against the decision to bar him from being an election candidate

Business - Economy
2/17/2015 5:58:47 PM
With Egypt suffering from an ongoing energy crisis since the uprising in 2011 and parts of the energy grid in need of renovation, privatisation is being considered

Business - Economy
2/16/2015 1:26:09 PM
Yunus said that women are better entrepreneurs than men and are more reliable paying off loans, despite it being much harder for them to obtain credit in Egypt

Sports - Egyptian Football
2/14/2015 6:47:35 PM
Despite being mauled by his club president and management, pro-Ultras Omar Gaber still found support among peers in the football field after pulling out of a league game that witnessed the death of some 22 Zamalek fans

Egypt - Politics
2/12/2015 6:55:15 PM
Egyptian diplomat said that Ankara has denied that pro-Brotherhood channels are being broadcast from Turkey

Egypt - Politics
2/11/2015 8:59:59 PM
After 100 days of full hunger strike, activist Alaa Abdel-Fattah — currently being tried for protesting illegally — makes his strike partial due to health reasons

Business - Economy
2/8/2015 6:31:28 PM
Ahead of investment conference in March, economic reforms are being implemented to encourage foreign investment

World - International
2/7/2015 11:15:36 AM
The British foreign office confirms that media accused by Egyptian authorities of being Muslim Brotherhood tools are free to operate from London, within the bounds of UK laws and regulations

Egypt - Politics
2/4/2015 5:37:53 PM
Greste was deported earlier from Egypt after being imprisoned for 400 days in Egypt

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