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World - Region
9/8/2012 2:23:22 PM
A Lebanese army unit have arrested several people in raids in southern Beirut following a string of kidnappings by members of a local Shiite clan last month

World - Region
9/4/2012 7:19:57 PM
Lebanese 'March 14' opposition group calls for expulsion of Syrian ambassador to Beirut as persona non-grata for 'overseeing operations of kidnappings, assault and liquidations', the group asserts

Arts & Culture - Film
8/29/2012 6:59:58 PM
The Cimatheque Alternative Film Center in downtown Cairo is holding a screening of the best ten 48 Hour Film Projects produced by aspiring filmmakers in Beirut this summer

Arts & Culture - Stage & Street
8/26/2012 1:04:33 PM
White Wall is an artistic endeavour that strives to create a vibrant interaction between graffiti, the Beirut Art Centre, and the streets of Beirut

World - Region
8/15/2012 9:04:37 PM
A number of Syrians are taken hostage and several Syrian businesses are destroyed in the southern Shiite suburb of Beirut, in what is suspected to be an act of revenge

World - Region
8/11/2012 3:00:14 PM
Dozens of Lebanese protest anal, virginity tests; police had previously raided a gay venue in Lebanon's capital Beirut forcing 36 men to undergo physical examinations to determine their sexual orientation

World - Region
8/7/2012 12:13:26 PM
The Iranian top aid to Iran's Ayatollah Ali Khamenei took an impromptu jaunt over to Syria to speak with their president after a meeting with Lebanese leaders in Beirut

World - Region
8/4/2012 2:02:27 PM
The European Union has called on Lebanon not to send back Syrian refugees across the boarder, for fears they could be tortured upon their return

World - Region
7/31/2012 11:01:51 AM
Several areas across Lebanon, including parts of the capital Beirut, witness power cuts as the national electricity company warns of a nationwide blackout following a strike by employees

Life & Style - Style
7/29/2012 3:05:55 PM
The situation in Syria has everyone in the Middle East scared and even business in the hopping luxury centre of Beirut Souq has slowed down, but the Lebanese shrug it off with zest

Business - Economy
7/7/2012 12:31:39 PM
Severed undersea cable means Beirut users have limited web access; Cyprus helps reroute traffic

Arts & Culture - Visual Art
5/29/2012 1:14:54 PM
The third year of the Beirut Art Fair to be held 5 - 8 July will welcome works from over 40 galleries the Middle East, Europe and North Africa

World - Region
5/28/2012 11:04:09 AM
Head of the Syrian National Council says the Lebanese Shiite pilgrims who were kidnapped in Syria are still in the country, suggesting they were not civilians but had participated in military training

World - Region
5/26/2012 12:09:32 PM
As Lebanon awaits the kidnapped hostages, Syrian activists say government troops shelled Houla in Homs province, killing at least 50 people including 13 children

World - Region
5/26/2012 11:18:50 AM
The death toll rise to at least 90 from Syrian shelling on the town of Houla as residents continue to flee the city

World - Region
5/22/2012 2:20:47 PM
Lebanese authorities free Islamist Shadi Al-Mawlawi, whose arrest earlier this month had triggered sectarian clashes between pro- and anti-Damascus groups in coastal city of Tripoli

World - Region
5/22/2012 12:38:12 PM
UN chief Ban Ki-moon appeals for calm in Lebanon after gunbattles erupted in the capital, Beirut hoping it wasn't a sign Lebanese sympathies with factions in Syria will break into civil war at home

World - Region
5/21/2012 6:09:26 PM
UN chief Ban Ki-moon says that a peaceful end to the domestic turbulence in Syria is passing by a 'pivotal moment' amid current street battles between pro- and anti-Syrian regime groups in the Lebanese capital Beirut

World - Region
5/21/2012 3:35:40 PM
Thousands participate in killed cleric Sheik Ahmed Abdul-Wahid charging tense Beirut streets with emotion a day following clashes that killed 2

World - Region
5/21/2012 11:26:05 AM
Kuwait urges its citizens to leave Lebanon and avoid travelling to the country as the security situation worsens

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