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Egypt - Politics
6/24/2012 1:34:33 PM
Increased security presence at Cairo International Airport as Egypt awaits presidential election result at 3pm

Egypt - Politics
5/15/2012 4:11:02 PM
Security officials at Cairo International Airport sound emergency after cabin crew member finds bomb warning on bathroom mirror of plane bound for Lagos

Egypt - Politics
4/18/2012 12:06:29 PM
Egyptian Meteorological Authority warns drivers to be extra vigilant as 'Khamasin' sandstorms reduces visibility across the country, disrupting Suez ports and Cairo International Airport

Egypt - Politics
3/1/2012 7:26:59 PM
Foreign NGO workers, previously banned from leaving Egypt, head to Cyprus in a surprise twist to the ongoing political row

Heritage - Ancient Egypt
2/27/2012 3:28:43 PM
Antiquities Seizures Unit abort British couple's attempt to smuggle 19 genuine artifacts

Egypt - Politics
2/1/2012 6:02:19 PM
Cairo International Airport employees complain they have not received the increase in salaries promised in February 2011

Egypt -
11/29/2011 11:42:29 AM
Officials declare airport safe after anonymous caller threatens to blow up UN aircraft if not given $20 million

Egypt - Politics
10/6/2011 2:59:26 PM
Arrivals, departures at Cairo International Airport face long delays due to heavy air traffic

Egypt - Politics
8/14/2011 4:21:19 PM
Jihad senior member accused of a 1995 assassination attempt against Mubarak in Addis Ababa was arrested in Cairo International Airport as he flew in with his wife and children

Business - Economy
7/26/2011 11:27:39 AM
Concession made by ruling military council to sit-in protest demands

Egypt - Politics
7/21/2011 5:02:26 PM
National carrier is arranging a replacement service and overnight accommodation for passengers stranded at Cairo airport

Egypt - Politics
7/21/2011 12:23:00 PM
Workers at Cairo International Airport call off a protest that crippled the airport yesterday after receiving assurances that their demands would be swiftly met

Egypt - Politics
4/26/2011 3:46:55 PM
More than a hundred protesters gather in front of the LCG company at Cairo International Airport to demand their financial rights

Egypt - Politics
4/7/2011 3:19:28 PM

Egypt - Politics
2/7/2011 1:52:19 PM
Diplomatic parcels lose their immunity as security is stepped up

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