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Arts & Culture - Music
9/22/2011 1:01:00 PM
An ecstatic audience filled the hall of the Cairo Opera: regulars thirsty for the classical music of which they had been deprived for the summer together with Japanese supporters of the guest conductor, Hirofumi Yoshida

Arts & Culture - Stage & Street
9/19/2011 11:07:21 AM
The Backstage Musical to debut in Cairo from team that brought us The Prima Donnas

Arts & Culture - Music
9/15/2011 2:07:47 PM
On Saturday, 17 September, the Cairo Symphony Orchestra will open its 53rd season with a concert consisting of compositions by Tchaikovsky

Books -
9/10/2011 2:55:03 PM
The governor of Cairo has opened the first Arab Book Fair, organized in El-Gezira Park in front of the Cairo Opera House

Arts & Culture - Music
9/8/2011 3:22:00 PM
The Cairo Symphony Orchestra has only announced the first four concerts of the new season so the audience still awaits a complete programme

Arts & Culture - Film
9/6/2011 1:49:42 PM
European Critics Award winning film to be screened tonight in the Open Air Theatre at the Cairo Opera House

Arts & Culture - Music
9/6/2011 1:47:00 PM
Although the whole year's programme is yet to be announced, fans can look forward to the first four Saturdays of the season

Arts & Culture - Stage & Street
8/28/2011 3:24:20 PM
The gathering will commemorate the sixth anniversary of the theatre fire and will also demand the re-opening of investigations into the tragedy

Arts & Culture - Music
8/24/2011 2:49:02 PM
Eftekasat ride the wave of their recent success and popularity with a concert at the Cairo Opera House on Friday 26 August

Books -
8/5/2011 2:08:14 PM
The National Centre for Translation started its fourth fair of books in translation, running through Ramadan at the Cairo Opera House

Arts & Culture - Stage & Street
7/28/2011 4:28:00 PM
The 21st Citadel Festival for Music and Singing, which kicked off on 20 July, offers a number of music events at the historic Cairo Citadel

Arts & Culture - Music
7/21/2011 2:48:00 PM
Nesma Abdel Aziz shares her story of marimba passion, and plans for the future, with Ahram Online

Arts & Culture - Music
7/20/2011 12:37:15 PM
Organised by the Cairo Opera House, the 21st Citadel Festival for Music and Singing, 20 to 30 July, will include concerts by local musicians, all held in a number of locations at the Citadel

Arts & Culture - Visual Art
7/10/2011 11:08:27 AM
Two exhibitions related to Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore, Bengali poet, novelist, musician and painter, open at El bab Gallery at the Cairo Opera House Grounds, will run until 17 July

Arts & Culture - Music
7/10/2011 10:45:47 AM
Check out the Cairo Opera House’s Summer Festival schedule at their Open Air Theatre for the month of July

Arts & Culture - Stage & Street
7/7/2011 11:18:00 AM
Pyramids and the Revolution is a new adaptation of Maurice Bejart’s ballet Pyramide-El Nour. The new production, performed between 4 and 9 July (except 8 July) brings together all the Cairo Opera Ballet Company dancers

Arts & Culture - Stage & Street
7/3/2011 12:57:20 PM
This week, the Cairo Opera Ballet Company presents a ballet based on a choreography by Maurice Bejart

Arts & Culture - Music
7/1/2011 4:55:00 PM
On Monday 4 July, the Cairo Opera House Open Air Theatre invites audiences to one of the most beautiful concerts of the season:the end-of-the-year concert of violin Suzuki method students

Arts & Culture - Music
6/27/2011 5:27:10 PM

Arts & Culture - Stage & Street
6/25/2011 4:14:00 PM
Many times people leave a Flamenco performance without understanding why they are so emotionally charged, so here Ahram Online demystifies Flamenco via an analysis of Maria Juncal’s show at the Alexandria and Cairo opera houses

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