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Al-Ahram Weekly - Sufra Dayma
2/27/2024 8:45:19 PM

Al-Ahram Weekly - Culture
2/13/2024 8:52:18 PM
Painter Samir Fouad told Rania Khallaf all about his latest exhibition

Al-Ahram Weekly - Sufra Dayma
10/10/2023 5:30:32 PM

Al-Ahram Weekly - Sufra Dayma
9/19/2023 10:42:25 PM

Al-Ahram Weekly - Sufra Dayma
8/15/2023 8:45:13 PM

World - Africa
8/6/2023 8:16:06 PM
The deadline arrived Sunday for Niger’s military junta to reinstate the country’s ousted president, but the West Africa regional bloc that has threatened a military intervention faces prominent appeals to pursue more peaceful means. In the capital, coup leaders appeared at a stadium rally where a chicken decorated in the colors of former colonizer France was beheaded, to cheers.

World - International
5/7/2023 10:20:41 AM
Washington's power brokers love playing chicken. But the rest of the world will watch in dread Tuesday when President Joe Biden and Republican leaders meet to negotiate the US debt ceiling -- praying that one side finally blinks.

Al-Ahram Weekly - Sufra Dayma
2/28/2023 6:22:54 PM

Al-Ahram Weekly - Egypt
2/25/2023 11:28:00 AM
Why have the prices of eggs and poultry in Egypt been moving steadily upwards, asks Al-Ahram Weekly

Al-Ahram Weekly - Sufra Dayma
2/14/2023 9:20:07 PM

Al-Ahram Weekly - Sufra Dayma
2/7/2023 6:31:31 PM

World Cup 2022 - News
11/30/2022 6:53:58 PM
Luis Enrique said Spain will not count their chickens before they are hatched when they face Japan on Thursday, aiming to win and qualify for the World Cup knockout phase.

Al-Ahram Weekly - Features
11/8/2022 8:34:15 PM
As Egypt’s chicken feed importers struggle to release imported feed in the ports, the government and experts are offering a helping hand to increase production.

Al-Ahram Weekly - Egypt
10/24/2022 11:12:00 PM
As videos of the culling of baby chickens go viral on social media amid concerns about the future of the poultry industry in Egypt, al-ahram Weekly asks experts about the reasons and the way out

Al-Ahram Weekly - Sufra Dayma
9/27/2022 8:40:51 PM

Al-Ahram Weekly - Sufra Dayma
8/23/2022 9:52:44 PM

Al-Ahram Weekly - Sufra Dayma
7/19/2022 10:05:46 PM

Business - Economy
7/19/2022 4:48:14 PM
McDonalds Egypt announced earlier this week a major increase in the prices of its products by up to 40 percent, prompting other fast-food chains to follow in its footsteps.

Al-Ahram Weekly - Sufra Dayma
7/5/2022 6:00:47 PM

Al-Ahram Weekly - Sufra Dayma
6/28/2022 9:53:43 PM

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