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Business - Economy
8/1/2012 9:29:40 PM
Germans are increasingly frustrated about the economy; 57 per cent of those polled maintained a pessimistic view of Germany’s economic outlook, while only 12 per cent were optimistic
Business - Economy
7/30/2012 1:00:24 PM
European shares see gains on Monday morning after Italy's borrowing cost fell at an auction
Business - Economy
7/23/2012 5:38:30 PM
Wall Street tracked a sharp selloff in global equity markets on Monday as Spain appeared closer to needing a bailout and fears grew that Greece may be approaching an exit from the euro zone
Business -
6/29/2012 10:07:49 AM
Euro2012 - News
6/18/2012 8:13:29 PM
Three countries at the heart of the euro zone's economic crisis do battle for places in the Euro 2012 quarter-finals on Monday hoping to join Germany and debt-stricken Greece in the last eight
Business - Economy
6/12/2012 1:17:18 PM
Concerns of a worsening euro zone crisis and instability in Greece and Spain drive oil below $97 a barrel
Business - Economy
6/9/2012 5:18:29 PM
A bailout for Spain's teetering banks, once requested by Madrid, could amount to as much as 100 billion euros, two senior EU sources told Reuters on Saturday
Business - Economy
5/26/2012 2:17:32 PM
Tunisia's economy recovery may face hiccups as Europe, the country's main trading partner, faces economic uncertainty
World - International
5/23/2012 6:06:32 PM
French President Francois Hollande vows to exert maximum effort to keep crunch-hit Greece in the eurozone and persuade 'Europeans who might the necessity of keeping Greece'
World - International
5/10/2012 6:12:18 PM
EU top officials caution Greece over needing to abide by terms of EU and IMF packages if it wishes to remain in the euro zone
Business - Economy
3/14/2012 2:48:33 PM
Financial assistance will reach Athens in July following the new agreement to grant debt-stricken country a second bailout
Business - Economy
2/28/2012 2:24:35 PM
The European Commission's economic sentiment indicator rose by a point in the euro zone in February, its second monthly increase in a row
Business - Economy
2/28/2012 10:41:14 AM
The Euro-zone debt crisis along with tensions over Iran caused earnings of the largest Italian refinery to fall by a third
Business - Economy
2/26/2012 11:11:29 AM
Finance leaders from the world's major economies are trying to build up a 'war chest' at the G20 meeting in Mexico in a bid to prevent a euro zone crisis
Business - Economy
2/19/2012 6:23:59 PM
Larger oil revenues would boost economic growth in Iraq between 2012 and 2016; oil prices were at an all-time record for a full year in 2011
Business - Economy
2/7/2012 7:59:39 PM
Dutch prime minister says that it is in the best interest of the euro-zone for Greek to remain using the Euro
World - International
1/26/2012 4:05:49 PM
Britain's PM David Cameron brands planned transaction tax 'mad' and describes eurozone as 'uncompetitive' ahead of next week's EU summit
Business - Economy
1/26/2012 3:57:05 PM
As global economic heads meet at the Swiss resort, chiefs of embattled banks are keeping a low profile yet stressing the need for their services if economies are to grow
Business - Economy
1/16/2012 3:34:45 PM
Little movement in the gold price on Monday as traders watch the strong dollar and monitor the fallout from S&P's downgrade of nine euro zone nations on Friday
Business - Economy
1/13/2012 5:56:56 PM
France loses its triple-A rating in latest move by credit agency
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