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World - International
12/4/2011 3:20:57 PM
Though an oil-rich nation, Nigeria likely cannot afford to scorn foreign aid in the fight against HIV/AIDS, experts say

Business - Economy
12/4/2011 2:21:16 PM
Regional pay-rises can benefit the Middle East, reducing poverty and stimulating growth -- but they could also undermine the region's competitiveness as the global economy sees slowdown, say experts

Business - Economy
11/29/2011 7:00:51 PM
Tuesday trading 'best day since revolution,' say experts, as benchmark EGX100 index surges 5.01 per cent

Business - Economy
11/27/2011 10:43:28 AM
Policy-makers and experts from some 160 countries will meet in South Korea this week to consider whether hundreds of billions of dollars in annual development aid are being well spent

World - Region
11/26/2011 3:24:04 PM
Experts argue that the Saudi government should create a mechanism to embrace the Shiite minority to prevent Iran from using them to destabilise the country

Business - Economy
11/24/2011 12:38:02 PM
Monetary policy committee may increase the policy rate to ease pressure on the Egyptian pound when it convenes its final 2011 meeting today, say experts

Business - Economy
11/9/2011 4:30:44 PM
The seasonal burning of rice straw casts a pall across the Nile valley, but experts say cost-effective recycling of this apparent waste could actually boost the economy

Life & Style - Food
11/6/2011 7:07:59 PM
With a keen obsession in specialty foods rising, Rome hosts the Cooking for Art Roma event, where food and wine producers got to showcase their rare products

World - Region
10/31/2011 7:11:00 PM
Experts at the Arab Forum for Alternatives conference on Syria in Cairo see a long struggle ahead before the collapse of the regime, unlike the experiences of Tunisia and Egypt

World - Region
10/30/2011 5:04:31 PM
Experts warn that Al-Qaeda could be seeking new sanctuaries in unstable African nations, and that the continent's armed Islamist groups may forge closer ties under Al-Qaeda's umbrella

Sports - World
10/25/2011 6:52:04 PM
A FIFA expert panel proposed Tuesday that referees should be more lenient with players who give away a penalty

Business - Economy
10/23/2011 1:10:23 PM
The lack of concrete government plans to tackle labour unrest, continued instability and slumps in key sectors are taking a heavy toll, say experts

Life & Style - Health
10/20/2011 7:54:40 PM
Vitamins, supplements and a host of questions; should anyone be taking them, which ones are most risky, and if you do take them, how can you pick the safest ones?

Business - Economy
10/17/2011 1:34:04 PM
Leading property developer announces strong sales figures, but experts say cancellations may cancel any surge in profits

World - Region
10/16/2011 10:28:42 AM
As the revolt in Syria drags on, experts say weapons smuggling into the country has flourished, especially from Lebanon, with automatic weapons, grenades and hunting rifles in high demand

Business - Economy
10/13/2011 11:15:38 AM
Financial experts predict the bank's monetary policy team will keep overnight deposit and lending rates steady in a bid to stave off inflation

World - Region
10/6/2011 11:04:22 AM
Fighting to stay in power, Syria's ruling elite unleashes paramilitary pro-regime civilian forces, the Shabiha, to help crush the revolt, experts say

Business - Economy
10/2/2011 2:01:44 PM
Sunday is the first day for an index tracking the Bourse's most active stocks, but analysts and traders are doubtful of its importance

World - Region
10/1/2011 10:15:16 AM
Legal experts who have long criticized a U.S. government program to kill members of Al-Qaeda abroad as a breach of international law say the killing of Anwar Al-Awlaki on Friday may also have broken U.S. law

Business - Economy
9/30/2011 2:46:03 PM
Scrapping subsidies seems to be off the menu, but experts say the financial burden could be reduced and cash better spent in strengthening the agricultural sector

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