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11/28/2011 3:46:10 PM
France has suggested that non-EU member Turkey be invited to a European foreign ministers' meeting this week because of its key role in the Syrian crisis

World - Region
11/27/2011 3:57:09 PM
An Arab League task force on Syria met Sunday in Cairo to discuss implementing punitive sanctions against Damascus over its lethal crackdown on dissent ahead of a vote by foreign ministers

World - Region
11/27/2011 11:52:00 AM
Jordan's foreign minister reveals 100 Syrian military and police deserters have taken refuge in the kingdom during the eight-month uprising in their country

World - Region
11/26/2011 6:57:09 PM
Arab foreign minister discuss number of sanctions against Syrian regime including the suspension of flights and freezing of government assets

World - Region
11/26/2011 12:23:37 PM
Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari said on Saturday that it was "not possible" to impose economic sanctions on Syria due to its commercial ties with Iraq and the large number of Iraqi refugees there

World - Region
11/24/2011 2:52:41 PM
France's Foreign Minister Alain Juppe says his country will seek Arab League's support for intervention in Syria, coming two weeks after the organization's decision to suspend Syria's membership

World - Region
11/24/2011 1:49:11 PM
Foreign Minister Adnan Mansur says Lebanon might abstain or vote against the Arab League's endeavour to impose sanctions against Syria ahead of the organization's meeting in Cairo

World - Region
11/24/2011 12:22:03 PM
Arab foreign ministers meet in Cairo to discuss imposing sanction on Syria, stepping up pressure on Bashar Al-Assad's regime to facilitate the Arab League plan to end the country's political disorder

World - International
11/23/2011 4:46:15 PM
Japanese foreign minister pushes for crisis management mechanism with China to solve disputes, especially in relation to East China Sea gas fields and disputed islands

World - Region
11/21/2011 1:56:08 PM
Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov says the West's behavior in the Syrian crisis is "similar to a political provocation at the international level"

World - Region
11/19/2011 10:00:15 AM
Foreign minister would meet representatives from the Syrian National Council and the National Co-ordination Committee for Democratic Change following months of behind-the-scenes contacts

World - Region
11/18/2011 11:45:17 AM
French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe says both France and Turkey have an overlapping approach concerning the Syrian crisis

World - Region
11/18/2011 10:56:45 AM
Turkish Foreign Minister says if the Arab league imitative is not successful, there is always a risk of civil war or high level tension in Syria

World - Region
11/17/2011 10:40:42 AM
Hosting an Arab League foreign minister meeting on Syria, Morocco recalls its ambassador from Damascus following yesterday's attack on its embassy in the Syrian capital

World - Region
11/16/2011 2:08:38 PM
In the harshest statement since the start if Syrian revolution, Turkish foreign minister says that Bashar al-Assad regime will pay the price of "bloodshed"

Egypt - Politics
11/15/2011 5:23:55 PM
Egypt’s decision aims to encourage dialogue and prevent foreign intervention in Syria, says Mohamed Kamel Amr

World - Region
11/14/2011 1:44:54 PM
Foreign minister says Iran didn't influence Iraq's abstention vote at Arab League

World - Region
11/14/2011 1:16:07 PM
European Union foreign ministers threaten to increase pressure on Iran over its controversial nuclear programme but are divided over possible military action

World - Region
11/14/2011 1:01:36 PM
International pressure is mounting against Syria as European Union foreign ministers talk about further sanctions on Damascus

World - Region
11/14/2011 12:56:15 PM
Syria's foreign minister, Walid Muallem, apologised for protester attacks on foreign embassies in Damascus after the Arab League voted to suspend his country from the bloc

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