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Arts & Culture - Screens
2/10/2023 2:16:41 PM
Egyptian artist Assem Hendawi and filmmaker Tamer El-Said will present their works in the Forum Expanded section of the upcoming 73rd edition of the Berlin International Film Festival (Berlinale) set to take place between 16 and 26 February.

Arts & Culture - Visual Art
1/13/2022 9:00:37 PM
The video installation All of Your Stars are But Dust on My Shoes by the Lebanese artist will be presented within the Forum Expanded programme of the upcoming Berlinale.

Arts & Culture - Screens
8/28/2021 7:37:28 PM
Forum Expanded are programmes independently curated and organised by Arsenal – Institute for Film and Video Art as part of the Berlin International Film Festival

Arts & Culture - Screens
2/10/2021 8:59:40 PM
Souad by Ayten Amin will screen in the festival's Panorama section, while Seven Years Around the Nile Delta by Sharief Zohairy is in Forum Expanded

Arts & Culture - Visual Art
12/22/2017 8:02:58 PM
Artist and curator Maha Maamoun is the co-founder of the Contemporary Image Collective (CIC) in Cairo

Arts & Culture - Music
12/22/2017 7:19:40 PM
The Cairo-based trio will perform at the 68th annual Berlin Film Festival

Arts & Culture - Screens
2/8/2017 6:46:24 PM
Egyptian director Marouan Omara’s documentary One Plus One Makes a Pharaoh’s Chocolate Cake, will be screened at the 67th Berlinale Forum Expanded section

Arts & Culture - Screens
2/8/2017 4:00:21 PM
Egyptian artists will make a few footprints at the 67th Berlin International Film Festival, which will take place between 9 and 19 February

Arts & Culture - Screens
1/22/2017 3:43:17 PM
Forum Expanded will also feature films from other Arab countries: Qatar, Lebanon and Palestine

Arts & Culture - Screens
2/9/2016 1:00:26 PM
Egyptian artists will make a few footprints in this year's Berlin International Film Festival, Berlinale Forum, and Forum Expanded as well as in the Berlinale Talents

Arts & Culture - Screens
1/22/2016 1:20:11 PM
This year's Forum Expanded will showcase 49 artistic works presented under the theme 'Traversing the Phantasm'