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Arts & Culture - Screens
4/17/2016 2:57:45 PM
Dry Hot Summer had its world premiere at the 13th Dubai International Film Festival early in 2016

Egypt - Politics
3/1/2016 1:42:37 PM

Egypt - Politics
2/9/2016 9:13:47 PM
The officer was found guilty of torturing to death veterinarian Afifi Hassan in Egypt's Ismailia governorate

Arts & Culture - Stage & Street
1/23/2016 2:21:27 PM
This week culture events cover many cities: Cairo, Alexandria, Ismailia, Port Said, Dahab. The week's distinctive features are the Cairo Intl Book Fair and abundance of dance performances by Egyptian and international troupes

Egypt - Politics
12/25/2015 3:12:43 PM
Seven people have been charged for damaging the train and injuring a number of citizens

Egypt - Politics
12/25/2015 1:54:48 PM

Egypt - Politics
12/24/2015 2:17:30 PM
The ministry says an attack by ‘thugs’ on a Suez railway train incurred $4,000 in damages

Egypt - Politics
11/28/2015 2:51:01 PM

Egypt - Politics
11/28/2015 11:31:31 AM
Crash reportedly due to mechanical malfunction; crew hospitalised

Multimedia -
11/23/2015 8:32:41 PM
Egyptians vote in Cairo, Menoufiya and Ismailia, among other governorates, in the parliamentary elections' second stage

Arts & Culture - Stage & Street
11/5/2015 3:54:02 PM
CLUSTER, the Cairo Lab for Urban Studies, Training and Environmental Research, organised a two-day symposium titled Creative Cities: Reframing Downtown that was held at AUC’s premises in Tahrir on 31 October and 1 November

Multimedia -
8/6/2015 8:31:16 PM
A cargo container ship crosses the new section of the Suez Canal after the opening ceremony of the new Suez Canal, in Ismailia, Egypt, August 6, 2015 (Photo: Reuters)

Antiquities - Museums
8/6/2015 1:20:00 PM
A temporary exhibition on the Suez Canal excavations in 1859 was inaugurated Tuesday

Egypt - Politics
8/6/2015 11:08:31 AM
Russian, African, Arab and Asian officials arrive Thursday to attend the opening ceremony of the new Suez Canal waterway, set to take place in Ismailia

Opinion -
8/6/2015 2:31:53 AM

Heritage - Photo Heritage
8/4/2015 3:43:00 PM
Known as cities of resistance, the canal cities of Port Said, Ismailia and Suez, also have beaches, but they have never been a real summer destination for vacationers

Egypt - Politics
7/11/2015 4:55:06 PM
A minibus and truck collided at high speed Saturday — another in a long line of accidents that plague Egypt's road traffic system

Egypt - Politics
6/14/2015 9:14:23 PM
The stolen evidence includes three unregistered cars, three mechanical rifles, a 9mm machine gun, a birdshot rifle, and 41 bullets

Egypt - Politics
5/18/2015 11:51:24 AM
Gunmen opened fire at the checkpoint near Ismailia early Monday morning

Egypt - Politics
5/16/2015 7:12:11 PM
Three judges and their driver were killed on Saturday when gunmen opened fire on their vehicle in the North Sinai city of Arish

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