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War on Gaza - War on Gaza
3/1/2024 4:47:44 PM
Three dozen leaders at news organizations around the world have signed a letter expressing solidarity with journalists in Gaza, calling for their safety and freedom to report in the war zone.

War on Gaza - War on Gaza
2/26/2024 7:42:29 PM
The Alliance of Mediterranean News Agencies (AMAN) condemned all forms of violence against journalists in conflict zones, expressing particular support and solidarity with Palestinian journalists who are disproportionately impacted, the AMAN secretary-general stated in a letter to its members.

War on Gaza - War on Gaza
2/13/2024 1:11:17 PM
The Israeli army killed two more Palestinian journalists, Alaa Al-Hams and Angham Adwan, in airstrikes on Rafah on Monday.

War on Gaza - War on Gaza
2/6/2024 3:16:45 PM
At least 135 crimes, assaults and violations committed by the Israeli occupation against journalism in Palestine were recorded in January, the foremost of which was the killing of 14 journalists, including eight who were killed by direct missile and bullet attacks against their homes and four others who were killed while on the job, WAFA reported quoting a monthly report issued by the Freedom Committee at the Palestinian Journalists Syndicate.

War on Gaza - War on Gaza
1/14/2024 9:31:59 PM
Israel’s war in Gaza – now in its 100th day – is among the most documented wars in history, thanks almost entirely to the relentless work of Palestinian journalists who have done so at immense personal risk to themselves

War on Gaza - War on Gaza
1/10/2024 3:40:15 PM
London-based news outlet Al-Araby Al-Jadeed announced on Tuesday the release of one of its Palestinian journalists from Israeli custody, saying he faced torture during more than a month in captivity.

Al-Ahram Weekly - World
1/2/2024 8:15:57 PM
Palestinian journalists are demonstrating their resilience in the face of the Israeli army’s campaign of killing against them, reports Alaa Al-Mashharawi from Gaza.

War on Gaza - War on Gaza
11/11/2023 10:50:02 AM
Shuruq Al-Assad, Palestinian Journalists Syndicate spokesperson and council member and Monte Carlo correspondent speaks about life and journalism under Israeli occupation.

Egypt - Society
10/16/2023 3:19:57 PM
Egypt’s Journalists Syndicate condemned the escalating Israeli military violence against Palestinians and the targeting of Palestinian journalists who reported "the genocidal crimes of the occupation forces,” according to a statement by the syndicate on Sunday.

World - Region
10/10/2023 6:10:21 PM
Four Palestinian journalists were killed in Israeli air strikes on Gaza City Tuesday, media unions and officials said, as heavy fighting raged for a fourth day.

World - Region
7/16/2020 7:14:27 PM

World - Region
12/20/2012 2:46:34 PM
Human Rights Watch accuses Israel of violating the international 'laws of war' after killing two Palestinian journalists and attacking medics during the late assault on Gaza