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World - International
6/17/2011 3:47:36 PM
Police in Washington closed highways around the Department of Defense complex to investigate a care was abandoned near a Pentagon parking lot

Egypt - Politics
6/11/2011 1:11:49 PM
A Pentagon official confirms that arms deals with Egypt will not be affected by the revolution

World - Region
6/10/2011 1:18:19 PM
Leon Panetta, Obama's candidate for US defence secretary, says Iraq will request that the US maintains a military presence beyond the end of the year and he believes Gaddafi will eventually step down

World - International
3/7/2011 1:09:47 PM
U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates arrived in Afghanistan on Monday at a time of increased strain between Kabul and its Western backers and with important security transition milestones looming

Egypt -
2/8/2011 8:22:29 AM
Media reports force Pentagon officials to maintain that naval activity is only a precaution

World - International
12/6/2010 6:47:26 PM
Afghanistan on Monday scrapped plans to ban private security firms following Western diplomatic and military concerns over the move, instead ushering in new restrictions to limit their work

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