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Sports - World
9/11/2013 6:36:05 PM
Republic of Ireland manager Giovanni Trapattoni has left his post by mutual consent, the Football Association of Ireland confirmed Wednesday

Sports - World
9/11/2013 11:08:42 AM
Michal Bilek resigns following the Czech defeat against Italy in World Cup qualifiers saying he has 'not met the goal'

Sports - Africa
9/9/2013 11:40:40 AM
Samuel Eto'o announces national team retirement for "family reasons"

Life & Style - Health
9/8/2013 11:49:34 AM
As their use by quitting smokers is on the rise, scientists reveal that electronic cigarettes work just as well as nicotine patches

World - Region
8/23/2013 3:34:05 PM
The current crisis began late last month after the second assassination of a leftist leader this year by suspected Islamist radicals outraged secular groups already opposed to what they called Ennahda's religious agenda

Sports - World
8/23/2013 10:52:43 AM
The French striker is devastated by the death of his agent

World - Region
8/20/2013 1:28:25 PM
Amina Sboui, whose three feminist ultra-radical group members were arrested in Tunisia in May, quits the group, naming it 'Islamophobic'

Egypt - Politics
8/16/2013 7:22:34 PM
Spokesman for key liberal coalition resigns in protest at group's support for police 'massacres' at pro-Morsi sit-ins

Egypt - Politics
8/14/2013 9:31:51 PM
The resignation of Mohamed ElBaradei hasn't been finalised says presidential source, denying others have also quit the interim regime

Sports - World
8/7/2013 12:42:22 PM
The former Manchester City star was considering quitting football before joining the Italian giants

World - International
8/6/2013 12:14:28 PM
Transparency of Zimbabwe elections questioned as second official in the electoral commission resigns

World - Region
7/30/2013 4:51:16 PM
Tunisian Labour Union calls for technocratic cabinet to replace Ennahda government, opposition emboldened by Morsi's ousters; Ennahda open to new government

Sports - World
7/15/2013 11:49:39 AM
Arshavin is a creative footballer but it's not enough for the success in modern football, says Russia coach Fabio Capello

World - Region
7/12/2013 1:24:44 PM
The political deadlock has prompted fears of government paralysis at a time when Morocco is under pressure to implement much-needed social reforms

Sports - World
7/10/2013 2:32:52 PM
Brazilian PSG sporting director Leonardo Araújo to resign post

World - Region
7/9/2013 9:01:51 PM
Morocco's secular Istiqlal Party quits country's Islamist-led government, formally joins ranks of political opposition

Egypt - Politics
7/8/2013 10:38:19 AM
Salafist Nour party withdraws from 'political process' after 42 Morsi supporters die in clashes with Egypt's Armed Forces

Egypt - Politics
7/8/2013 9:36:01 AM
Brotherhood says army opened fire on peaceful protesters, army says 'terrorist group' tried to storm Rep. Guard HQ; health ministry confirms 51 dead; one officer dead; Salafist Nour quits political process, NSF condemn killings

World - Region
7/4/2013 10:23:54 AM
The Syrian National Coalition has been without a leader for months after its head quit over disagreement about potential talks with Assad's government

Egypt - Politics
7/2/2013 12:55:13 AM
Sami Anan, former military chief-of-staff, quits post as consultant to President Morsi, declares support for 'people's demands,' declines to rule out future public service 'even as president'

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