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World - Region
8/23/2011 12:39:30 PM
Iran opens the trial of a man accused of playing a crucial role in the 2010 assassination of its nuclear scientist Masoud Ali Mohammadi

Life & Style - Health
8/15/2011 12:58:54 PM
Scientist at University of Pennsylvania use a special carrier to deliver new genes into T-cells with a 'fight to kill' command against cancer cells and are amazed by the results

World - Region
8/2/2011 1:11:39 PM
The Israeli secret service Mossad was responsible for the assassination last month of an Iranian scientist in Tehran, Germany's Spiegel Online news website reported

World - Region
7/26/2011 5:09:05 PM
Commenting on the Assassination of Iranian nuclear scientist Darioush Rezaei on Saturday, many analysts believe the operation was carried out by US or Israeli agents

World - Region
7/26/2011 12:22:03 PM
The United States denied Iran’s accusations it assassinated a nuclear scientist in eastern Tehran on Saturday

World - Region
7/24/2011 10:33:56 AM
The Iranian parliament points fingers on the USA and Israel for the murder of a scientist in Tehran on Saturday

World - Region
7/23/2011 5:13:40 PM
An Iranian nuclear scientist was assassinated in front of his house in Tehran

Books - Review
6/19/2011 5:34:16 PM
Mohamed Aboul-Ghar, the renowned scientist and activist, relates the nation's story from the point of view of a non-politician that lived through decades of the change

Egypt - Politics
6/10/2011 12:21:35 PM
Seventeen of the 19 unidentified 'martyrs' whose bodies were buried Thursday were convicts at large, says senior forensic scientist

Opinion -
6/6/2011 9:56:17 PM
Ahmed Abdalla, political scientist and activist, died five years ago today. In this talk given on the first anniversary of his death, Roger Owen recalls the man and the historic events he witnessed as an active participant

Sports - World
6/1/2011 8:12:25 PM
As shocking and as distasteful as his re-election may seem to some, you don't need the intelligence of a rocket scientist to understand why Sepp Blatter is getting four more years to reign unchallenged over world football

Life & Style - Health
6/1/2011 11:34:15 AM
A panel of scientists label cellphones as possible cancer-causing agents, putting them in the same category as the pesticide DDT, gasoline engine exhaust and coffee

Life & Style - Health
5/26/2011 12:35:39 PM
Despite a lot of excitement about aspirin, scientists can't seem to agree on whether the drug helps healthy people live longer

Life & Style - Health
5/17/2011 12:08:36 PM
Scientists say they have discovered the first solid evidence that variations in some peoples' genes may cause depression -- one of the world's most common and costly mental illnesses

Egypt - Politics
4/20/2011 4:21:39 PM
Former NASA scientist enters the Egyptian political orbit with Sawiris' party

World - International
3/30/2011 3:10:46 PM
Scientists insist nuclear plants are the safest way to generate electricity

Life & Style - Health
2/28/2011 1:47:45 PM
Girls who get migraines appear more likely than their peers to gain extra weight during adulthood, scientists say.

Life & Style - Health
2/24/2011 3:10:34 PM
Scientists have identified the mechanism that controls the internal 24-hour clock of all forms of life - a finding they say should shed light on some shift-work related problems like diabetes, depression and cancer

Life & Style - Health
1/17/2011 2:34:56 PM
British scientists have developed genetically-modified chickens that cannot transmit bird flu

Egypt - Attack on Egypt Copts
1/6/2011 12:01:11 PM
General Prosecutor asked forensic scientists and experts to base reconstruction of the Alexandria bombing on reports and analysis

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