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Business - Economy
3/26/2013 5:16:12 PM
Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi will visit South Africa to attend the fifth BRICS summit of the world's leading emerging market economies

World - International
3/25/2013 2:13:41 PM
No intentions to withdraw troops from the Central Africa Republic, South African President Jacob Zuma says

Sports - Africa
3/23/2013 10:33:52 PM
South Africa, who hosted the last World Cup in 2010, are on track to qualify for next year's edition in Brazil after beating Central African Republic 2-0 in a Group A tie on Saturday

World - Region
3/16/2013 5:12:30 PM
Syrian regime calls on developing powers Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa to help end conflict in the country

World - International
3/15/2013 4:46:14 PM
Police says at least 22 people were killed in South Africa after a bus crashed into a mountain

World - International
3/14/2013 12:05:05 PM
South African health ministry reports 28% of schoolgirls are HIV positive and 94,000 fell pregnant in 2011

Business - Economy
3/12/2013 12:37:17 PM
Southern oil exports through Sudan to start within two weeks

World - International
3/10/2013 9:59:20 AM
South African icon Nelson Mandela spends night in hospital for normal check up

World - International
3/5/2013 1:26:00 PM
7,000 South African mine workers halt work over a union dispute in same mine where 34 people died in clashes with police last year

World - Region
3/4/2013 12:04:20 PM
Gunmen attack an Egyptian Coptic church in the eastern Libyan city of Benghazi, assaulting two priests

World - International
3/2/2013 2:08:39 PM
UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon calls for calm in the West African nation of Guinea, where political violence has left about 130 people wounded including 68 police

Sports - Omni Sports
2/25/2013 2:47:55 PM
Paralympics champions Oscar Pistorius is currently under bail terms for being accused of murdering girlfriend

Sports - Africa
2/23/2013 5:08:25 PM
Paintsil was a key element in the Ghana team that finished fourth at the Africa Cup of Nations in South Africa earlier this month

World - Region
2/23/2013 4:21:00 PM
Lack of appropriate 'crowd control' equipment exacerbates 'riot catastrophe' in Arab states undergoing political upheaval, defence expert at Abu Dhabi arms fair says

Sports - Omni Sports
2/19/2013 2:18:07 AM
Nike said Monday that it has no plans to use Olympic athlete Oscar Pistorius in future ad campaigns after the South African sports star was charged with murder in the shooting death of his girlfriend

Sports - Omni Sports
2/15/2013 2:17:39 PM
South African 'Blade Runner' Oscar Pistorius broke down in tears on Friday after he was charged in court with shooting dead his girlfriend in his Pretoria house

Sports - Omni Sports
2/14/2013 1:45:27 PM
Olympic athlete Oscar Pistorius was taken into custody Thursday after a 30-year-old woman who was believed to be his girlfriend was shot dead at his home

Sports - Omni Sports
2/14/2013 12:25:26 PM
South Africa 'Blade Runner' Oscar Pistorius arrested after girlfriend shot dead

Sports - Africa
2/13/2013 4:39:33 PM
Phil Setshedi, former South Africa assistant coach, sentenced to eight years in jail in bribery case

CAN 2013 - News
2/10/2013 10:58:27 PM
List of the leading goal scorers at the 2013 African Nations Cup in South Africa

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