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Elections 2011 - News
1/5/2012 11:54:18 AM
The Freedom and Justice Party secure a significant victory but the Wafd Party take second place as reruns are announced for the independent seats

Egypt - Politics
9/15/2011 11:59:57 AM

World - Region
8/18/2011 2:27:42 PM
Egyptian governor of South Sinai denies the attacks on Israeli buses were carried out from Egyptian territory, 6 reported dead so far

Egypt - Politics
8/17/2011 2:16:05 PM
Two young men were shot dead by a security official after failing to stop their car when asked

Egypt - Politics
5/20/2011 3:25:17 PM
The governor reversed his earlier decision to allow fishing in the area in response to opposition by tourism companies and environmentalists

Egypt - Politics
4/23/2011 2:07:13 PM
Interim Prime Minister Essam Sharaf meets with heads of the North and South Sinai ‎tribes

Egypt - Politics
4/13/2011 2:42:03 PM
Ousted president Mubarak is being questioned by the South Sinai prosecution and is expected to leave Sharm El Sheikh this evening to the International Medical Centre

Egypt - Politics
4/12/2011 9:39:21 PM

Egypt - Politics
4/12/2011 8:56:16 PM
Ousted president Mubarak is in intensive care following minor heart attack, while one time heir apparent, Gamal could be facing jail time

Egypt - Politics
2/24/2011 1:06:41 PM
Drug smugglers kill 22 year old policeman to resist arrest

Egypt - Politics
1/18/2011 11:49:00 AM

Egypt -
1/5/2011 1:30:24 PM

Egypt -
12/28/2010 4:40:07 PM
The governor of South Sinai announces the reopening of Sharm El-Sheikh's beaches

Egypt -
12/17/2010 3:31:25 PM
The government, panicked by the effect the recent shark attacks have had on tourism, is damaging the ecological balance in the South Sinai coastal region, as well as tourism, charge Sharm experts and divers

Egypt - Politics
12/6/2010 4:34:00 PM
South Sinai governor backs theory that sharks involved in attacks off Sharm El-Sheik are controlled by Israel via GPS

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