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Egypt - Presidential Elections 2024
12/18/2023 6:51:00 PM
President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi asserted Monday that the 2024 Egyptian election represents the world's rejection of Israel's inhumane war, and not simply the election of a president.

Sports - Egyptian Football
10/27/2022 12:20:51 PM
The Egyptian Football Association (EFA) announced Thursday that Portuguese referee Fabio Jose Veríssimo will be in charge of the game between Ahly and Zamalek in the Egyptian Super Cup on Friday.

Books -
9/27/2013 7:27:51 PM
New political development, research institute to open in honor of the late Samer Soliman, a committed activist dedicated to creating a better world

Egypt - Politics
8/15/2013 8:02:59 PM
The United States will retain its military ties with Egypt, but more violence by the army could jeopardize the relationship, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel says

Egypt - 25 January: Revolution continues
1/23/2012 2:18:00 PM
Egypt's January 25 Revolution did more than topple a dictator - it broke several taboos that had kept the country in a state of paralysis

Egypt - Politics
6/16/2011 4:27:12 PM
While the Interior Ministry is saying that its priorities have changed, and that it defends the people, some are raising eyebrows as the majority of former State Security officers are reintegrated

Egypt - Politics
6/7/2011 6:28:25 PM
The leading international human rights organisation spells out the reforms needed for freedom to flourish in Egypt as it calls on the ruling military council to have 'thicker skin' and reply to criticism rather than silence it

Egypt - Politics
3/16/2011 3:50:20 PM
The human rights advocate and lawyer Amir Salem, who has spent much of his long career holding Egypt's state security to account, shares his vision for the future of the country's reformed police force with Ahram Online