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World - International
8/14/2013 11:35:24 AM
A parliamentary spokesman said it was the first time an Afghan MP -- male or female -- had been abducted in 10 years

World - International
8/13/2013 3:41:42 PM
Pakistan to execute two militants after overturning five year moratorium on death penalty; Taliban declares move act of war

World - International
8/12/2013 3:01:08 PM
Karzai will visit Pakistan in late August in hopes of reconciling with Pakistan and convincing Taliban to comply with peace talks with government as foreign troop withdrawal approaches

World - International
8/11/2013 4:10:05 PM
At least three NATO soldiers killed in militants attack in eastern Afghanistan, bring the number of fatalities among foreign troops this year to 114

World - International
8/9/2013 2:21:56 PM
Pakistan racked by blast targeting politician on Eid day, leaving six dead

World - International
8/8/2013 1:33:32 PM
The gathering was an all-female event to commemorate the late wife of a pro-government tribal leader

World - International
8/6/2013 9:17:02 AM
In a video message, Taliban leader Mullah Omar says that group does not seek 'absolute power' despite undermining elections

World - International
8/4/2013 2:44:43 PM
The lawyer, Abdul Qayyum, is well-known in Jalalabad for his work prosecuting Taliban fighters, with insurgents attacking his family several times recently

World - International
8/3/2013 2:57:23 PM
Six children added to death toll from earlier attack on Indian consulate in Afghanistan; Taliban deny responsibility

World - International
8/1/2013 10:27:29 AM
Kerry pays tribute to polls, which mark first time an elected civilian Pakistani government has completed full term in office and handed over to another at the ballot box

World - International
7/30/2013 10:41:58 AM
Before storming into prison, Taliban fighters sieged the prison in Dera Ismail Khan, Pakistan with rocket fire, killing two policemen and providing cover for above 50 militants to break inside and free 250 prisoners

World - International
7/29/2013 11:29:09 PM
Jail holding 40 'high profile' prisoners remains under attack as authorities attempt to bring situation under control; number of escapees, if any, still unclear

World - International
7/29/2013 4:33:03 PM
Afghan President Karzai selects nine new members for electoral body in run-up to next year's elections; analysts claim choices support preferred successor

World - International
7/26/2013 10:24:58 AM
Both Afghan security forces and NATO commanders have been keen to talk up gains in the 12-year battle against the Taliban and its insurgent allies

World - Region
7/22/2013 4:10:51 PM
MPs accuse interior minister Patang of incompetence and corruption, blaming him for worsening security on highways and increasing security force casualties

World - International
7/20/2013 5:37:51 PM
Pakistani troops destroy two militant hideouts in Khyber tribal district as part of a campaign that left 15 dead

World - International
7/20/2013 4:12:26 PM
New decree bars women from leaving house without male relative in Deh Salah, bringing back memories of Taliban rule

World - International
7/19/2013 11:29:39 AM
Children of Taliban commander are killed when playing with home-made bomb

World - International
7/18/2013 9:38:20 AM
Taliban vowed to intensify their attacks in Afghanistan during the holy month of Ramadan

World - International
7/17/2013 10:31:28 PM
Taliban leader writes to 16-year-old Pakistani 'anti-Taliban' activist Malala Yousafzai asking her to return to her country without fear of prosecution

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