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Al-Ahram Weekly - Culture
5/21/2024 9:00:08 PM
The up-and-coming filmmaker Amina Abdoulaye Mamani talks about The Envoy of God, a film that looks deep into the heart of terrorism in Niger. The film won the Best Short Film award at Aswan International Women Film Festival last month.

Egypt - Foreign Affairs
5/20/2024 8:48:01 PM
Egyptian-Greek relations, especially economic relations, and the developments in Gaza topped the talks between Minister of Foreign Affairs Sameh Shoukry and his Greek counterpart George Gerapetritis in Athens, the Egyptian foreign ministry said.

Egypt - Foreign Affairs
5/19/2024 2:26:06 PM
Minister of Foreign Affairs Sameh Shoukry left for Athens on Sunday to meet with Greek officials to discuss topics of mutual concern, including following up on the progress of the power linkage project between both countries.

World - Region
5/19/2024 12:59:53 PM
Iran has confirmed that it held indirect talks with the United States in Oman despite the two countries having no diplomatic relations, state media reported.

World - Region
5/19/2024 10:47:52 AM
Prince Mohammed bin Salman and US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan met in Saudi Arabia's eastern city of Dhahran to discuss a "semi-final" version of strategic agreements between the two countries, official Saudi media reported on Sunday.

War on Gaza - War on Gaza
5/14/2024 3:14:18 PM
Israel's military operation in Rafah has set truce negotiations with Hamas "backward", mediator Qatar said on Tuesday, adding that talks have reached "almost a stalemate".

Egypt - Foreign Affairs
5/9/2024 8:37:28 PM
Hamas and Israeli delegations departed Cairo on Thursday after two days of talks on the Gaza truce without reaching a deal, a high-level Egyptian source told Al-Qahera News TV channel.

War on Gaza - War on Gaza
5/9/2024 5:03:46 PM
A Hamas official on Thursday accused Israel of carrying out incursions in Gaza's southernmost city of Rafah to block talks seeking a truce in the seven-month war on the Palestinian territory.

Egypt - Foreign Affairs
5/9/2024 4:01:00 PM
Greek Minister of Migration and Asylum Dimitris Kairidis talks about his official visit to Egypt on 8-9 May and the strategic partnership between the two countries.

Egypt - Foreign Affairs
5/9/2024 1:55:02 PM
Egypt has reiterated its warning to the parties involved in the Gaza ceasefire negotiations about the potential danger of escalation if the current talks fail to reach a truce agreement, a high-level source told Al-Qahera News channel on Thursday.

Egypt - Foreign Affairs
5/8/2024 10:07:14 PM
The current round of talks on the Gaza truce has continued in Cairo in the presence of delegations from Qatar, the US, and Hamas, a high-level Egyptian source told Al-Qahera News TV channel on Wednesday.

Egypt - Foreign Affairs
5/8/2024 3:34:00 PM
Talks to achieve a ceasefire in Gaza will resume in Cairo on Wednesday as Israel’s incursion of Rafah enters its second day, raising alarm for a humanitarian catastrophe in the city, where over a million Palestinians live, half of whom are children.

Egypt - Foreign Affairs
5/7/2024 11:24:00 PM
Egypt is ready for all scenarios in Gaza after the Israeli army entered the Palestinian side of the Rafah Border Crossing, while at the same time is not taking on any security responsibilities inside the Gaza Strip, an informed source told Al-Qahera News on Tuesday.

War on Gaza - War on Gaza
5/7/2024 8:50:12 PM
The White House said Tuesday it was hopeful Israel and Hamas could "close the remaining gaps" in their ceasefire talks, adding that Israel said its military incursion in Gaza's Rafah was limited in scope.

Egypt - Foreign Affairs
5/7/2024 8:46:12 PM
Delegations from Qatar, the United States and Hamas arrived in Cairo for another round of talks to reach for a comprehensive ceasefire deal in the Gaza Strip, an informed source told Al-Qahera News on Tuesday.

War on Gaza - War on Gaza
5/7/2024 7:39:00 PM
Israeli negotiators have arrived in Cairo for talks on a truce in Gaza and the release of captives, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced Tuesday, while Israel's defence minister vowed to "deepen" the Gaza operation if the talks fail to secure the release of captives held there by Hamas.

Al-Ahram Weekly - Lectures
5/7/2024 6:12:24 PM

War on Gaza - War on Gaza
5/7/2024 5:35:53 PM
A senior Hamas official said Tuesday that a delegation from the Palestinian group was due to leave for Gaza truce talks in Cairo, warning it would be Israel's "last chance" to release its captives.

Al-Ahram Weekly - Opinion
5/7/2024 5:22:09 PM
Hussein Haridy offers an integrated vision for the post-war Middle East

War on Gaza - War on Gaza
5/6/2024 3:03:27 PM
A Hamas spokesman said Monday that the Palestinian resistance group would continue negotiations towards a truce in Gaza, despite Israel's order to begin evacuating people from Rafah in the south ahead of a "limited operation."

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