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World - Region
6/28/2013 5:49:17 PM
Turkey's Transportation and Communications Minister calls Twitter a 'crime', denounces the micro-blogging site for refusing to deliver personal information on its users

World - Region
6/5/2013 9:48:33 PM
Turkish Twitter activists under arrest for tweeting 'misinformation,' continue to hold up slogan 'the revolution will be tweeted' despite government accusations

World - International
6/3/2013 11:14:12 AM
At least 113 people are killed several still unaccounted for in a fire at a poultry processing plant, in the worst blaze for 12 years in the Asian country

World - Region
6/3/2013 10:58:50 AM
Turkish FM Davutoglu warns in a Twitter message that the continuation of protests will bring no benefits but will harm the reputation the country which is 'admired both in the region and the world'

Sports - World
5/20/2013 7:48:26 PM
In the early hours of Monday, a group of Fiorentina fans shouted racist abuse, prompting Balotelli to take to Twitter to complain

World - Region
5/19/2013 1:59:19 PM
Iran's Revolutionary Guard says its forces will follow a zero-tolerance policy for any sign of unrest after June's presidential election, sending the strongest message yet against any attempts to revive street protests

World - Region
5/19/2013 9:30:37 AM
'It only happens in Iran: the election comes, the Internet goes and all social networks are censored' says one Iranian daily

World - Region
5/18/2013 10:20:08 AM
Stories on the Financial Times' website had their headlines replaced by 'Hacked By Syrian Electronic Army', an online group that supports Syrian President Bashar al-Assad

World - Region
5/15/2013 10:06:19 PM
Bahraini political activist Nabeel Rajab is thought to have been surreptitiously moved from his prison cell by authorities, family says

World - Region
5/15/2013 2:52:13 PM
Bahrain's office of public prosecutor announces a one-year imprisonment sentence against six anti-regime tweeters

Sports - World
5/10/2013 7:41:21 PM
While Brazil struggles to finish its stadiums in time for the 2014 World Cup, Twitter is already working to cash in on what the U.S. company's head of revenue, Adam Bain, sees as a potentially huge business opportunity

World - Region
5/10/2013 12:30:10 PM
Islamist defendants, accused of coup plot in the UAE, claim they had been insulted and physically abused in jail

World - International
4/23/2013 7:44:18 PM
Associated Press twitter account hacked sending, erroneous tweet about terrorist attack at White House

Sports - World
4/22/2013 8:42:59 PM
Twitter accounts of the world's football governing body FIFA becomes latest victim of pro-Assad hackers

World - International
4/18/2013 4:56:49 PM
Twitter announces that it releases 'Twitter #music', a new service that will 'change the way people find music'

World - International
4/18/2013 2:10:07 PM
Please join me in praying for the victims of the explosion in Texas and their families, Pope Francis says on Twitter

World - International
4/15/2013 11:52:45 PM
Following Boston attacks that left 2 people dead and many others injured, security is beefed up in most of the US states & authorities tell the public via Twitter and Facebook to report suspicious activity to the police

World - Region
4/15/2013 2:16:32 PM
Billionaire Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal throws his support behind allowing Saudi women to drive, saying it makes economic sense

Egypt - Politics
4/11/2013 2:05:31 PM
Egyptian youth engage with President Morsi on Wednesday in a Q&A Twitter session as part of series of daily sessions to respond to citizens' concerns

World - Region
4/11/2013 1:03:51 PM
Kuwait's government agrees on a media bill proposing 1-year jail sentences for insulting God, the Muslim Prophet Mohammed, his companions and wives, and other prophets

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