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World - International
5/21/2012 12:14:30 PM
Pakistan restored access to Twitter after briefly blocking the microblog over 'blasphemous' posts about a Facebook competition involving caricatures of the Prophet Mohammed

World - Region
5/20/2012 6:10:35 PM
A Bahrain court adjourns the trial of Nabeel Rajab, a prominent opposition activist who is charged insulting the security forces in tweets that he admitted came from his account on the microblogging website

World - International
5/20/2012 2:08:59 PM
Pakistani government bans mini-blogging site Twitter over competition to post cartoons of Prophet Mohammed

World - Region
5/14/2012 2:20:38 PM
Thousands of Facebook users change their profile pictures on the International Day of Action for Palestinian Prisoners Hunger Strike

Presidential elections 2012 - Presidential elections news
5/11/2012 5:00:36 PM
Twitter-using ambassador encourages Egyptians living in the UK to vote in first post-revolution presidential election

World - International
5/8/2012 10:54:19 PM

Opinion -
5/3/2012 3:09:55 AM
At about five am this morning (2 May),I woke up to news of people being murdered in and around the site of the Abbassiya (Ministry of Defence) sit-in (#MOF on Twitter, ongoing since late Friday, 27 April)

Arts & Culture - Stage & Street
5/2/2012 1:48:52 PM
Social networks Google+ and Pinterest and the music service Spotify each grabbed their first Webby Awards on Tuesday in the 16th edition of the competition for the top Internet sites

Egypt - Politics
4/29/2012 3:51:51 PM
Following Saudi ambassador's departure from Cairo on Sunday, Egyptian and Saudi activists on Twitter express their mutual admiration

Sports - World
4/26/2012 3:03:33 PM
Egyptians react on Facebook and Twitter to Real Madrid's defeat by Bayern Munich in the UEFA Champions League semifinal, with focus on Ramos' penalty miss

Sports - World
4/23/2012 3:38:00 PM
Evans was jailed for five years over raping a teenager, while Brown called the striker's victim "a money-grabbing little tramp"

Presidential elections 2012 - Presidential elections news
3/31/2012 5:22:58 PM
Presidential candidate and former Arab League secretary general Amr Moussa castigates Israel on his Twitter account

Sports - World
3/30/2012 4:36:58 PM
A new photo of Fabrice Muamba appeared on the midfielder’s Twitter account on Friday showing him sitting up and smiling, almost two weeks after his heart stopped beating and he collapsed during the FA Cup quarterfinals

World - Region
3/27/2012 10:38:15 PM
Dubai's top security official accused supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood in the United Arab Emirates on Tuesday of using social media to stir up opposition to the Gulf's ruling elite

Sports - World
3/27/2012 3:09:29 PM
Liam Stacey admitted to the charge last week and was jailed Tuesday for 56 days

World - International
3/17/2012 12:49:37 PM
WikiLeaks group announces on Twitter that founder Julian Assange plans to run for seat in Australian Senate in 2013 elections

Arts & Culture - Film
3/13/2012 2:53:16 PM
Pair of British filmmakers turn to internet to raise funds for their documentary on Egypt's 18-day uprising 'Over the Wall'

World - Region
3/12/2012 3:48:35 PM
Emirates activist Saleh Al-Dhafairi to face charges of threatening state security after posts on Twitter

World - International
3/4/2012 4:15:11 PM
Thousands of new videos and photos shows votes fraudulent in Russian presidential election, while the government run election authority deny any major vote-rigging

Arts & Culture - Visual Art
3/4/2012 3:55:12 PM
Iraqi-Canadian artist/photojournalist Tamara Abdul Hadi is leveraging the power of social networking sites to combat mainstream stereotypes of Arab men

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