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World - International
11/1/2013 4:42:40 PM
A German lawmaker announced the news after meeting with Edward Snowden in Moscow

World - International
10/29/2013 11:04:52 AM
British lawmakers say trust must be rebuilt with US after conducting electronic snooping on France, Italy, and Germany; NSA to review its intelligence-gathering procedures

Business - Economy
10/17/2013 12:57:54 PM
Last minute deal approved by Congress on Wednesday to fund government and raise debt ceiling only postpones budget fight to early 2014

Business - Economy
10/16/2013 3:12:16 PM
Alleviation of sanctions on Iran will not be effective even if Iran promises to take serious steps, with US Congress taking harder line on Iran than President Barack Obama's administration

World - International
10/5/2013 9:26:53 PM
US Pentagon Chief Hagel announces anticipated return to work for majority of Defense Department employees next week

World - International
9/30/2013 12:02:40 PM
The US government is just a day away from shutdown, and it would take a heroic act well beyond the norms of today's gridlocked Congress to keep the doors open

World - International
9/14/2013 2:51:12 PM
Presidents and prime ministers, South American mavericks and nearly the entire US Congress have used Twitter to press their political platforms. But has the blue bird helped or muddled their message?

World - Region
9/9/2013 1:13:37 PM
Foreign ministers of the GCC will meet in Saudi's western port city of Jeddah to discuss measures against Al-Assad regime

World - Region
9/6/2013 5:21:23 PM
US President Barack Obama remains tight-lipped over his potential response if there is a lack of congressional approval on Syria

World - Region
9/6/2013 1:21:13 PM
Parliament chief Jihad Al-Lahham described any military intervention as illegal, state news agency reported

Egypt - Politics
9/5/2013 9:27:48 PM
Egypt's interim President Adly Mansour met with a US Congress delegation in Cairo

World - Region
9/5/2013 9:27:30 AM
US may consider expanding support for Syrian rebels by having the Pentagon take charge of arming the opposition instead of a clandestine effort by the CIA

World - Region
9/4/2013 3:37:19 PM
Russia's Putin warns of military action 'outside the framework of UN Security Council'

World - Region
9/2/2013 5:50:19 PM
Moscow has been Al-Assad's main international supporter throughout the roughly three-year conflict, blocking UN-based attempts to punish the regime

World - Region
9/2/2013 11:49:38 AM
One week remains before the US Congress discusses giving the green-light to President Obama's proposed military strike against Damascus, leaving Syria's fate uncertain

World - Region
9/1/2013 3:23:15 PM
US President seeks congressional approval on launching strike on Syria

World - Region
9/1/2013 1:14:46 PM
The comments of the French Interior Minister came amid growing pressure on the government to put the issue on intervention in Syria into parliamentary vote

World - Region
9/1/2013 12:00:00 PM
Arab foreign ministers are expected to arrive within hours for emergency meeting on Syria at the Arab League headquarters in Cairo

World - Region
9/1/2013 10:57:58 AM
A top opposition figure expresses disappointment over US decision to seek approval from Congress for action against Al-Assad's regime

World - Region
8/31/2013 8:59:19 PM
Congress will debate a possible strike against Syria following President Obama's statement that he supports military action

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