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World - International
8/13/2013 6:30:53 PM
NSA surveillance program faces increasing criticism as citizens sign petitions, threaten lawsuits, press internet and phone providers to share data collected by government

World - International
7/31/2013 1:22:47 PM
Following narrow rejection of House proposal to shut down secret NSA surveillance, Senate Judiciary Committee questions Obama officials

World - Region
7/24/2013 12:08:11 AM
US congress reaches a consensus over providing Syrian rebels with weapons and strategic military aid which has among the lawmakers

World - Region
7/17/2013 11:29:07 PM
Samantha Power, US ambassador nominated to go to the UN, calls Syrian crisis 'most devastating cases of mass atrocity'

Egypt - Politics
7/6/2013 11:04:09 AM
Sources suggest that Friday's strife in Cairo may be part of efforts on the side of the Muslim Brotherhood to secure a safe exit from prosecution or persecution for its leadership

World - International
6/19/2013 12:05:06 PM
Surveillance programmes helped disrupt more than 50 possible attacks since 9/11, US official says at Congressional hearing

Business - Economy
6/6/2013 4:03:53 PM
A US Congress drive to drastically scale back Iranian oil exports to near-zero levels could risk antagonising China and push oil prices up globally

World - International
6/4/2013 8:59:33 PM
Speaking before US Congress, top military brass admits that sexual assault within ranks of US military has reached 'crisis' proportions

World - International
5/20/2013 9:23:17 PM
Defence Department asks US Congress for just shy of $80 billion to cover ostensible costs of ongoing war in Afghanistan

World - International
5/17/2013 11:50:44 AM
Despite the resignation of the IRS head and condemnation by the White House, US President Barack Obama might be in trouble over an extra tax scrutiny scandal

World - Region
4/13/2013 1:37:49 PM
A planned meeting between Abbas and his Prime Minister to solve high-profile disputes has been postponed

Egypt - Politics
3/22/2013 2:55:10 PM
The think tank's most recent report on Egypt is to be launched today in the US Congress

World - Region
2/28/2013 9:49:20 AM
US Congress examines imposing penalties on foreign entities that back nuclear-ambitious Iran to preserve the stability of its economy

World - Region
2/18/2013 2:23:17 PM
Al-Qaeda-affiliated Islamic State of Iraq claims responsibility for bombings that killed 21 and injured about 120 others Sunday

World - Region
2/8/2013 1:06:09 PM
US Congress backs a recommendation to provide military assistance to Syrian rebels despite rejection from President Barack Obama

World - Region
1/31/2013 12:22:28 PM
Ahead of Congressional approval on his appointment, defence secretary Chuck Hagel says Washington is ready to launch a military strike against nuclear-ambitious Iran if necessary

World - International
1/30/2013 11:41:46 AM
US Senate votes unanimously in favor of the appointment of the former presidential candidate to replace Hillary Clinton

Business - Markets
1/2/2013 10:48:21 AM
Asian markets rose sharply on Wednesday after the US Congress backed a deal to avert a 'fiscal cliff' of drastic tax rises and spending cuts in an upbeat start to the year for regional markets

Business -
1/2/2013 10:12:03 AM
The US Congress reach a deal to end the 'fiscal cliff' that stipulates a tax hike on the rich and two-months budget cuts following a fierce battle between Democrats and Republicans

World - Region
11/29/2012 9:53:27 AM
Washington warns Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to cut around $200 million in aid, currently blocked in the US Congress, as he seek UN recognition of statehood

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