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World - Region
6/12/2015 10:17:19 AM

World - Region
3/19/2015 2:50:31 PM

World - Region
3/1/2015 12:35:47 PM

Antiquities - Ancient Egypt
12/19/2014 4:56:18 PM
Antiquities ministry claims that recent announcements about a 'million mummies' in a Fayoum necropolis are false

World - International
11/15/2012 7:42:35 PM
A political clash will likely be seen between US President Barack Obama and the Congress over the shocking resignation of Petraeus and the deadly attack on the US mission in Libya

Egypt - Politics
10/25/2012 3:05:15 PM
Police raid on north Cairo apartment ended with suspected Al-Qaeda militant killing himself, claims interior ministry

Business - Economy
10/12/2012 3:47:45 PM
The US administration is very committed to Egypt and has adopted a new vision for working in Egypt after the revolution, USAID mission director for Egypt says

World - Region
10/11/2012 11:39:16 AM

World - Region
9/24/2012 10:47:21 AM
New York Times reports that the attack on the US consulate in Libya earlier this month, resulting in death of Ambassador Chris Stevens and staff, dealt a blow to US intelligence operations

World - Region
9/16/2012 9:02:14 PM
Libyan officials insist extremists crossed the border to carry out the attacks on the US mission; US officials believe the attacks were too well planned to be the work of a few extremists

World - International
9/13/2012 1:56:17 PM
Following violence outside US mission in Libya and Egypt, American embassy in Nigeria warns US citizens of possible attacks by radical groups

Egypt - Politics
9/12/2012 11:01:50 PM
Angry demonstrators continue protest at US mission for second consecutive day against controversial film mocking Islam and its Prophet, vow escalation on Friday unless US government offers formal apology

World - Region
9/12/2012 7:28:47 PM
Iran Foreign ministry condemns anti-Islam film as 'repulsive', while refraining from commenting on the ensuing attacks on US missions in Egypt and Libya ; protests planned for Thursday

World - Region
9/12/2012 6:48:50 PM
President Moncef Marzouki of Tunisia condemns attacks on US mission in Libya as an act of 'terrorism', describes it as an attack on his country's security

World - Region
9/12/2012 6:37:14 PM
Timeline of attacks on US diplomats and missions from 1976 to 2012, in light of latest attacks on US mission in Benghazi which resulted in the death of US Chris Stevens and three other diplomats

Arts & Culture - Film
9/12/2012 3:00:00 PM
A film portraying the life of the Prophet Mohammed, which touches on themes of paedophilia and homosexuality, has sparked a deadly attack on a US mission in Libya and furious protests in Egypt

World - Region
6/6/2012 1:40:56 PM
Security sources say a home-made bomb was used in an attack on the US diplomatic mission in Libya's eastern city of Benghazi; no casualties were reported

World - International
11/16/2011 10:03:49 AM
Around ten missiles crash into a compound near northwest Pakistan killing up to eighteen people, in a US mission against the Taliban

World - International
5/5/2011 4:15:49 PM
The covert US mission that killed Osama bin Laden has pushed Pakistani citizens to voice their anger over the blatant breach of their sovereignty that poses their government tricky questions

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