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World - International
9/11/2012 11:42:59 AM
US Defense Secretary warns Americans not to forget troops who are fighting and dying in Afghanistan, as he pays tribute to victims of the 9/11 attacks

World - Region
9/1/2012 1:59:09 PM
Due to the growing tension between the US president and the Israeli PM about Israel's threats to attack Iran, Washington slashes by more than two-thirds the number of US troops going to Israel, Time magazine reports

World - International
6/14/2012 7:28:47 PM
The Pentagon says that the death toll of the US troops in Afghanistan has exceeded 2000 since the invasion of the domestically-turbulent state in 2001; yet, the rate is much higher in Iraq

World - Region
6/13/2012 7:29:03 PM
A timeline of Iraq's deadliest attacks since last year's withdrawal of US troops from the country

World - International
6/9/2012 5:19:51 PM
Suicide rates in the US armed forces are spiking at an alarming rate with military culture leaving many soldiers reluctant to seek help for mental health problems

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6/1/2012 1:00:34 PM
Lawyers appeal against the conviction of Shakeel Afridi, a Pakistani doctor arrested after helping the US troops find and kill Al-Qaeda's leader Osama bin Laden last year

World - International
4/19/2012 10:35:31 AM
Photos of US troops posing with maimed bodies of what are either Afghani insurgents or civilians killed in the war triggers worries of violent backlash

World - International
4/16/2012 11:54:34 AM
After an 18-hour Taliban attack in Afghani capital Kabul where parliament and Western embassies were targeted, the US ambassador urges against early withdrawal of US troops

World - International
2/18/2012 4:34:30 PM
Officials say Afghanistan defence ministry ordered soldiers who have families in Pakistan to move them to Afghanistan in response to recent incidents in which Taliban-affiliated soldiers carried out attacks against NATO troops

World - Region
2/9/2012 6:12:12 PM
Official celebrations are held across Iraq to celebrate US troop withdrawal — the last of which took place in mid-December, while Iraqi MP warns of greater challenges to be faced in post-occupation Iraq

World - International
1/13/2012 2:43:55 PM
Former Sgt. Hector Salinas of the US Marine's testifies in one of the biggest criminal cases against US troops in Iraq that he would have gone further to protect his troops

World - Region
12/20/2011 11:11:58 AM
Just a day after US troops left Iraq, the Arab country faces a political tsunami as its top leaders indulge in settling of scores

World - Region
12/19/2011 3:02:31 PM
A judicial committee decides to prevent Tareq al-Hashemi and a number of his guards from traveling overseas due to issues related to terrorism, in latest development in a political crisis after US troops completed a pullout

World - Region
12/18/2011 10:11:10 AM
Last US troops leave Iraq ending almost nine-year war that toppled Saddam Hussein and left country facing enormous political, economic challenges

World - Region
10/30/2011 4:02:07 PM
Both US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Defence Secretary Leon Panetta have warned earlier Iran not to meddle in Iraq when the US forces leave

World - Region
10/30/2011 3:49:59 PM
Iran's supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei argue that "Iraqi resistance forced US troops to withdraw from Iraq

World - Region
10/30/2011 10:41:37 AM
Iraq will not be able to defend its borders and airspace until at least 2020, a watchdog quotes Iraq's top general as saying in a report on Sunday, just months before US troops are to leave

World - Region
10/29/2011 5:05:38 PM
A Weekend meeting being held in Washington between the US and Iraqi national security chiefs discussed the future of their countries' ties, , two months before all US troops are due to leave Iraq

World - Region
10/22/2011 6:00:00 PM
Iraqi Prime Minister argue that the US troops full withdrawal will not effect the internal security, however the US decision will remove all justification on which Al-Qaeda and armed groups base their attacks

World - Region
10/22/2011 1:55:23 PM
US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton implicitly warns Iran on Saturday not to interfere in neighboring Iraq after President Barack Obama announced all US troops will leave Iraq by year end

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