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World - Region
11/5/2013 2:35:45 PM
9.3 million Syrian refugees, which constitute of 40 percent of all Syrians, are now in need of humanitarian aid

World - Region
11/4/2013 7:22:59 PM
Africa Inland Church is helping the remaining 900 to start their journey Monday night

World - Region
11/4/2013 12:09:52 PM
At least 6 people are killed and 37 wounded in a car bomb in central Syrian province of Homs

World - Region
11/1/2013 11:49:28 AM
Iraqi PM Nuri Al-Maliki has sought to drum up US support, calling in a speech on Thursday for an international war against 'terrorism'

World - Region
10/28/2013 10:31:40 AM
House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers says the United States 'has to repair a friction with Saudi Arabia soon'

World - International
10/24/2013 8:43:46 PM
Former US secretary of state Madeleine Albright says 'countries spy on each other; this is not a surprise to people'

World - Region
10/22/2013 2:10:45 PM
Iran deputy FM calls for UN to make reforms to reflect 'growing role of developing countries'

Life & Style - Health
10/22/2013 1:26:33 PM
Could quinoa solve food security and health problems for Egyptians? Ahram Online asks a pool of experts

World - Region
10/21/2013 2:42:46 PM
Gaddafi's widow urges all the members of the UN Security Council, the European Union and African Union must tell where the remains of her husband and son Mutassim

World - Region
10/18/2013 4:42:03 PM
The United Nations are losing quite a lot of their credibility, Turkish president claims

World - Region
10/17/2013 1:18:26 PM
Syria's deputy prime minister says the Geneva II peace conference could be held at the end of next month, with or without all factions of the opposition

World - Region
10/14/2013 2:26:43 PM
The armed conflict in Syria is devastating Palestinian lives and homes of the refugees, the United Nations says

World - International
10/9/2013 10:01:33 AM
Maldives will hold new presidential election on 19 October after Supreme Court annulled 7 September poll citing voter fraud

World - Region
10/4/2013 2:53:59 PM
A OPCW-UN inspectors team has been tasked with implementing the resolution to destroy Syria's banned arsenal by mid-2014

World - Region
9/29/2013 1:28:46 PM
Netanyahu is expected to speak about Iran in wake of call between US president Obama and his Iranian counterpart

World - Region
9/26/2013 6:33:48 PM
Assad confirms that the Syrian regime intends to abide by its agreement to relinquish its chemical weapons arsenal to UN inspectors, against threats of US intervention

World - Region
9/26/2013 3:43:39 PM
On their earlier mission, the team investigated an August 21 attack in the outskirts of Damascus that killed hundreds of people

World - Region
9/25/2013 11:14:49 PM
The United Nations says more than two million Syrians have fled to surrounding countries and about six million are displaced inside the country

World - Region
9/25/2013 7:42:36 PM
In an interview with CNN, Rouhani reflected his more reconciliatory tone by saying that the Holocaust was a 'crime the Nazis created towards the Jews'

Egypt - Politics
9/25/2013 3:56:07 PM
Egypt's FM Nabil Fahmy says interim-government committed to transition to democracy, not worried about US aid