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World - International
12/10/2011 5:25:12 PM
Belgium sees the end of a 541-day political crisis after new government wins parliament confidence vote

Business - Economy
11/5/2011 11:33:21 AM

World - International
11/3/2011 3:32:33 PM
Greek Prime Minister Papandreou affirms he will not step down on state television, ahead of a critical confidence vote and threats by the EU that it will drop Greece from the union

World - International
11/2/2011 3:24:59 PM
Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou battles for his political life after narrowly securing cabinet backing for a controversial referendum on the country's debt rescue ahead of his confidence vote

World - International
10/14/2011 1:06:31 PM
Slovakia's coalition government to be dismissed after losing parliamentary confidence vote over the failure to approve an EU bailout fund

World - International
10/13/2011 11:15:15 AM
Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi under pressure to convince the country's president and central bank that he can lead Italy through the economic and social challenges it faces

World - International
9/14/2011 2:57:32 PM
Italian governments wins confidence vote to push through austerity package to balance the budget in 2013

World - International
9/6/2011 7:17:36 PM
Indian police on Tuesday arrested a high-profile lawmaker on charges alleging he bribed MPs to support the government in a crucial confidence vote three years ago

World - Region
7/16/2011 12:39:57 PM
After winning a confidence vote at home, Lebanon's Hezbollah-dominated government is headed for another test over the country's financial duties towards the Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL)

World - International
7/9/2011 12:12:26 PM

World - Region
7/7/2011 3:22:15 PM
Hezbollah's government won the Lebanese parliament's vote of confidence, vows to cooperate with Hariri tribunal

World - Region
6/23/2011 1:11:04 PM
The Kuwaiti parliament votes down a no-confidence vote against Prime Minister Sheikh Nasser Mohammad

World - International
6/21/2011 5:10:49 PM
Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi rides through parliamentary confidence vote Tuesday and promises tax reform proposals

World - International
6/21/2011 1:09:37 PM
Prime Minister George Papandreou goes before parliament as he rallies for the acceptance of EU emergency loans against a public resistant to fiscal belt-tightening

World - Region
1/5/2011 1:41:57 PM
Kuwait's prime minister survived the no-confidence vote brought against him by the opposition

World - Region
1/5/2011 11:32:57 AM
Kuwait's prime minister is set to win confidence vote

Egypt - Politics
12/19/2010 4:50:43 PM
Tagammu cadre rally behind Party leader Rifaat El Said, after a membership rebellion called for no-confidence vote, accusing El Said of complicity with the government

World - International
12/14/2010 1:46:17 PM
Amid rallies on Tuesday by thousands of anti-Berlusconi protesters, the Italian premier won a confidence vote in the upper house of parliament, prolonging his stay in power

World - International
12/13/2010 12:18:01 PM
On the eve of a confidence vote, Berlusconi snaps back calling attempts to oust him "political folly", warning that a government collapse coupled with economic uncertainty could throw the country into turmoil

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