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Business - Economy
3/12/2012 12:56:05 PM
Brent crude oil futures for April fall 55 cents to $125.43 a barrel as focus shifts from Iran
Business - Economy
3/12/2012 12:29:38 PM
State-run Aramco continues to supply contracted volumes, making no changes in its monthly allocations
Business - Economy
3/11/2012 4:54:03 PM
Japanese ambassador to Tehran says his country will continue to import Iranian crude despite US-imposed sanctions
Business - Economy
2/26/2012 1:55:04 PM
Iran hits back against EU sanctions by refusing to deliver crude oil to Greece
World - International
2/21/2012 8:02:23 PM
Leading Nigerian energy official says rampant oil theft is costing the country some 150,000 barrels a day, or 7 per cent of total national output
Business - Economy
2/7/2012 1:05:13 PM
Asian importers of Iranian resources to encounter complications, as payments will become more difficult under new US sanctions, say experts
Business - Economy
1/23/2012 2:34:13 PM
South's president blames its northern neighbour of 'looting' millions of dollars of its crude oil since December
Business - Economy
1/20/2012 3:28:03 PM
Syrian official says western sanctions on Syrian oil exports have cost the country $2 billion since September, Syria was still trying to replace European Union crude oil contracts with new customers
Business - Economy
1/17/2012 12:41:02 PM
Iranian threats to obstruct Gulf oil trade met with scepticism by Saudi Arabia says such a move is unlikely as growing likelihood of deeper sanctions against Iran pushes up price of crude oil
Business - Economy
1/12/2012 11:18:16 AM
South Sudan has issued two tender to export oil thought its shipment might be blocked by Sudan. At least five tankers were expected to load at the Bashayer terminal next week but brokers anticipated delay
World - International
1/11/2012 3:14:24 PM
Oil workers in Nigeria are waiting for the outcome of a meeting between labour and government, if the outcome is not favourable, crude oil production will be shut down
Business - Economy
12/21/2011 3:52:11 PM
Libya to supply four major European trading houses with crude oil in 2012 in departure from Gadaffi-era energy policy
Business - Economy
12/21/2011 12:28:17 PM
China, the world's second-largest oil consumer, has imported an average 4.14 million tonnes of crude oil a month from Saudi Arabia so far this year
Business - Economy
12/16/2011 10:59:41 AM
The new sanctions on Iran will restrict financial transactions with 99 Iranian firms and six individuals, but will not affect Iran's crude oil exports to Korea
Business - Economy
12/13/2011 12:42:53 PM
Slowing demand for oil and increasing supplies will level out the energy market in coming years, claims West's energy watchdog
Business - Economy
11/30/2011 12:03:22 PM
Business - Economy
11/9/2011 5:41:30 PM
Two organisations yet again find themselves at odds, as IEA insists the current oil prices caused by limited output are damaging the global economy
Business - Economy
11/9/2011 2:26:37 PM
Watchdog calls for a bold change of policies to avoid locking the world into insecure and environmentally unsustainable use of energy
Business - Economy
11/4/2011 2:14:18 PM
Global energy body expects costs to go up in the long run as rising demand requires the development of more costly sources of supply
Business - Economy
10/5/2011 7:37:23 PM
Destruction of major production facility looks like dashing hopes of a swift return of Libyan oil to world markets
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