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World - Region
8/7/2012 4:06:46 PM
Syria suffering medicine shortage for treating chronic illnesses and increasing casualties as drug production hit by fighting, World Health Organization reveals Tuesday
Life & Style - Health
8/2/2012 12:50:33 PM
People with heart disease who are also depressed may get as much relief from depression symptoms with regular exercise as with medication
Life & Style - Health
7/29/2012 10:17:20 PM
Compared to people who've never smoked, former smokers have a higher risk of developing two inflammatory bowel diseases
Egypt - Politics
7/24/2012 4:06:22 PM
Mubarak suffers from coronary heart disease and requires hospitalisation, physician says Tora Hospital can deal with the former president's health needs
Egypt - Politics
7/20/2012 12:22:19 PM
US clinic releases report confirming Omar Suleiman's death due to diseases discovered while undergoing medical tests
Egypt - Politics
7/19/2012 7:02:16 PM
Egypt's Washington embassy says Mubarak-era intel chief succumbed to blood disease, while state news agency MENA attributes death to lung disease and consequent heart problem
Books -
7/14/2012 10:04:54 PM
The renowned Egyptian writer passed away after a long struggle with liver disease
World - International
7/10/2012 5:43:46 PM
The Russian flood-hit region of Krymsk raises fears of a disease epidemic due to the lack of sanitation and high temperatures
Life & Style - Health
6/14/2012 5:01:06 PM
They live on your skin, up your nose, in your gut - enough bacteria, fungi and other microbes that collected together could weigh, amazingly, a few pounds.
Life & Style - Health
5/20/2012 10:24:43 AM
Research maps genetic codes of 21 breast cancers, helping scientists to understand disease's evolution and raising hopes of earlier diagnosis
Business - Economy
5/2/2012 5:59:31 PM
Disease spreads to the Gaza Strip after first being detected in Egypt and Libya
Life & Style - Health
4/21/2012 12:41:47 PM
Be happy - it seems to be good for your heart
Life & Style - Health
4/18/2012 9:24:13 PM
A specialist reveals the secrets of one of the most surreptitious diseases, and sheds light on how to deal with it
Life & Style - Health
4/17/2012 11:33:26 AM
People who regularly sleep too little and at the wrong time suffer long-lasting consequences: An increased risk of diabetes, heart disease and other health problems
Life & Style - Health
4/5/2012 2:21:13 PM
Ahram Online probes the link between stress and disease - and ways to relieve the burden
Life & Style - Health
3/29/2012 11:14:26 AM
Studies have hinted that diet-soda lovers could face higher risks of diabetes and heart disease, but new findings suggest that overall diet may be what matters most in the end
Opinion -
3/22/2012 11:51:29 AM
The Egyptian revolution did not rid Egyptians of the chronic disease of sexual harassment, but it showed that it is not insurmountable
Egypt - Politics
3/21/2012 8:15:14 PM
Despite recent spate of animal deaths, World Health Organisation says foot-and-mouth disease represents 'no threat' to human population
Egypt - Politics
3/17/2012 12:47:39 PM
Some 84 animals have died and at least 486 are infected in Assiut as Egypt's foot and mouth disease epidemic deepens
Life & Style - Health
3/14/2012 7:50:46 PM
An outbreak of foot and mouth disease in Egypt led to wild rumours, all of them untrue
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