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Business - Economy
7/1/2012 2:55:41 PM
Islamic Republic has resources in store to resist newly stringent embargoes, say officials
Business - Economy
7/1/2012 11:27:11 AM
Oil minister Rostam Qasemi plays down embargo on Iranian oil which goes into effect on Sunday
World - Region
6/25/2012 5:08:10 PM
UN embargo on importing oil from is due to start next months, following the failure of negotiations between the world power and Tehran
World - Region
6/14/2012 9:54:28 AM
Amnesty international calls the UN Security Council to impose an arms embargo on Syria as it says the Al-Assad regime carries out organized killings and executions to civilians that amount to crimes against humanity
Business - Economy
5/22/2012 1:27:21 PM
Western sanctions impact on Iran supplies but Egypt says it will still allow Iranian vessels to use the Canal when full EU embargo takes effect in July
World - International
5/17/2012 6:44:11 PM
Rum causes latest altercation between Cuba and the United States, over a 20 year-long battle over Havan Club rum brand and what is seen as US opportunism concerning Washington's long-standing embargo on Cuban imports
Business - Economy
4/30/2012 5:16:47 PM
Extra supplies from Iraq, Saudi and Libya are making up for Iranian shortfall caused by sanctions, according to Reuters data
Business - Economy
4/8/2012 1:02:37 PM
Sovereign wealth fund set up last year could provide a vital boost to state coffers in the face of Western sanctions, says Ahmadinejad
Business - Economy
3/24/2012 12:11:39 PM
World - Region
3/15/2012 5:29:32 PM
An assets freeze is slapped on Iran due to its nuclear program, while possible oil embargoes are still being discussed
Business - Economy
2/24/2012 4:50:58 PM
Crisis-hit Greeks are looking across the Mediterranean but more pricey Libyan energy could send domestic fuel prices soaring and feed further unrest
World - International
2/15/2012 3:46:51 PM
Somalia's president says to UN lifting of arms embargo necessary after Al-Shabab and Al-Qaeda alliance
Sports - World
2/15/2012 3:23:08 PM
Sion fails in legal challenge to overturn 36 point deduction for signing six players during transfer embargo
World - Region
2/13/2012 3:40:35 PM
Ahead of London conference on Somalia, Mogadishu calls on international community to lift arms embargo so it can reinforce Somali National Army
Business - Economy
1/29/2012 1:09:28 PM
World - Region
1/28/2012 10:02:25 AM
Russia tells the UN Security Council that it disagree with the Arab League trying to "impose an outside solution" on the conflict in Syria and rejects the idea of an arms embargo and the use of force
World - Region
1/24/2012 4:03:13 PM
Iran's deputy FM in charge of Europe and American affairs expresses insistence on not giving up "legitimate and legal rights" to Danish envoy
Business - Economy
1/24/2012 11:22:51 AM
Spanish Foreign Minister says he personally received assurances from Saudi Arabia that they fill the shortfall created by EU oil sanctions against Iran
Business - Economy
1/23/2012 2:09:01 PM
Europe to place a ban on importing Iranian crude while gradually phasing out existing energy contracts between now and July
Business - Economy
1/20/2012 11:29:12 AM
A Turkish refiner will meet Saudi Arabian authorities this month to seek alternatives to Iranian oil, which is under sanctions
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