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World - Region
1/17/2012 12:16:40 PM
Tehran labels Saudi Arabia's offer to increase oil production to compensate for embargoed Iranian exports as 'not friendly'
Business - Economy
1/15/2012 4:19:20 PM
Iranian official says it will hold Gulf countries accountable if they make up the potential shortfall caused by an EU ban on Iran oil imports
World - Region
1/15/2012 10:11:53 AM
Iran asks its Arab neighbours not to up their oil production to meet the West's energy demands - like Saudi Arabia offered - in the case an oil embargo is imposed on Iran
Business - Economy
1/14/2012 2:33:26 PM
Kingdom ready and able to meet world's energy needs if oil embargo is placed on Iran, says Republican lawmaker
Business - Economy
1/13/2012 2:56:13 PM
Tokyo says it is only looking into the possibility of cutting its imports of Iranian crude and no decision has been taken
World - Region
1/13/2012 11:11:29 AM
The US scrambles to shore up support in imposing a full-scale oil embargo on Iran to force a halt on the latter's nuclear program
World - Region
1/11/2012 12:13:02 PM
Europe and Japan moved ahead in planning for punitive cuts in oil imports from Iran, where a senior official dismissed Western anger at news Tehran is enriching uranium deep underground as cover for ulterior motives
Business - Economy
10/13/2011 5:34:50 PM
Bank is the 19th asset targeted by the EU, which calls the move 'a direct consequence' of Syria's 'appalling and brutal campaign' against its own people
Business - Economy
9/24/2011 5:19:30 PM
Move comes in addition to Western blocks on Syria's largest private company and several military-linked construction firms and its embargo on crude oil exports
World - Region
9/24/2011 10:24:51 AM
Turkey has seized a Syrian-flagged ship and will intercept any arms shipments headed to Syria, Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan said late on Friday, a response to Damascus' bloody crackdown on anti-government protesters
World - Region
9/22/2011 5:26:37 PM
More frozen Libyan funds are released by the EU for "humanitarian and civilian needs," arms embargoes are also partially lifted
Business - Economy
8/24/2011 1:53:14 PM
The bloc's 27 governments look set to apply new sanctions in response to Assad's five-month crackdown on pro-democracy demonstrators
Business - Economy
8/19/2011 12:27:07 PM
European diplomats will use a Friday meeting to discuss an embargo on Syrian oil and a ban on doing business with major oil, banking and telecoms firms
World - Region
7/9/2011 1:07:45 PM
The testimonies of security officers in the HRW report reveals a 'deliberate policy' to use deadly force against protesters, sparking calls for sanctions and an embargo
World - Region
6/5/2011 10:56:45 AM
Despite the hopes that the critical Rafah border crossing would be reopened by today, Egypt is still waiting for the ‘outcome of consultations with the Palestinian foreign ministry’ before doing so
Business - Economy
5/1/2011 4:52:38 PM
Bond offering is a main source of funding for nation denied access to markets by US trade embargo
Business - Economy
4/30/2011 1:39:01 PM
Formerly government-controlled bank can now have limited business dealings with the US and claim back blocked assets, says administration official
World - International
4/24/2011 12:09:47 PM
An arms and diamond embargo on Ivory Coast is set to be renewed for a further year, despite the capture of Gbagbo and moves to lift other sanctions on the country
World - Region
3/10/2011 5:08:15 PM
The European Union slaps an embargo on sales to Libya of equipment used for internal repression
World - Region
3/10/2011 12:45:40 PM
Action over banks controlled by Gaddafi follows financial sanctions and an arms embargo imposed by the EU against the regime
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