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Heritage - Islamic
8/26/2012 6:16:59 PM
The rich Islamic site of Istabl Antar in Old Cairo is saved from urban encroachment, though late in the day

Heritage - Islamic
8/22/2012 1:59:15 PM
As heritage experts lament the damage done to historical monuments in Timbuktu, another treasure no less important is in great danger: the manuscripts of the Kati Collection

Folk - Photo Heritage
8/5/2012 3:09:32 PM
Living alongside a holy place

Folk - Photo Heritage
8/5/2012 3:04:43 PM
The man with the fez, probably conducting business by the Mosque

Folk - Photo Heritage
8/5/2012 1:49:19 PM
The Mashhad, where the great martyr's head lies

Folk - Photo Heritage
8/5/2012 1:47:23 PM
Al-Hussein Mosque and the layers of history it reveals

World - Region
8/5/2012 11:45:54 AM
Syrian National Council says Syriqan army started to target government institutions and buildings some of them have historical and archaeological value

Heritage - Ancient Egypt
8/3/2012 2:20:48 PM
Egypt's minister of antiquities plans to look for new funds, to promote tourism and to open channels for international cooperation

Heritage - Ancient Egypt
7/14/2012 3:53:15 PM
Some sites are beyond the traditional classification of heritage, yet are worthy of attention and protection, such as Egypt's Kamil Crater which was only even noticed using Google Earth

World - International
7/10/2012 5:43:33 PM
Armed with hoes, pick-axes and chisels, the Islamists who control northern Mali are accused of destroying all World Heritage sites in the region after destroying tombs in an ancient mosque

Heritage - Ancient Egypt
7/2/2012 6:59:26 PM
National initiative, overseen by Egypt's antiquities ministry, aims to document details of country's historical heritage

Business - Economy
7/1/2012 6:47:46 PM
London-listed firm signs deal it says will diversify its portfolio and boost its production capacity

Heritage - Islamic
6/30/2012 2:50:18 PM
Armed Islamists from a hardline group occupying lawless northern Mali destroy a 15th century shrine to a Muslim saint in the fabled city of Timbuktu

World - Region
6/30/2012 2:17:27 PM
The UN cultural body UNESCO overrode Israeli objections to urgently grant world heritage status to a church in the Palestinian city of Bethlehem venerated as the birthplace of Jesus

World - Region
6/6/2012 9:29:22 PM
The Arab Digital Expression Foundation (ADEF), a Cairo-based NGO aiming to generate and exchange information, will launch its summer camp this year (1-15 July) in the Tunisian capital

Arts & Culture - Stage & Street
5/22/2012 4:25:20 PM
Residents of the small Italian town may have all survived, but the strong earthquake that shook San Felice sul Panaro to its foundations early on Sunday reduced its artistic and architectural riches to rubble and dust

Folk - Street Smart
5/16/2012 6:07:41 PM
Thanks to activists' efforts, the famous Cicurel Villa in Alexandria has been saved from demolition

Heritage - Ancient Egypt
5/12/2012 8:19:07 PM
Taking advantage of Egypt's political upheaval, thieves have gone on a treasure hunt with a spree of illegal digging, preying on the country's ancient pharaonic heritage

Heritage - Ancient Egypt
4/30/2012 6:22:21 PM
In the Parque del Oeste in Madrid tourists can visit the Temple of Debod, which originally stood on land that was flooded after the building of the Aswan High Dam

Arts & Culture - Visual Art
3/29/2012 10:02:00 AM
Aswany is a solo exhibition by sculptor Mahmoud El Dewihi currently showing at Tache Art in Designopolis. The sculptures scattered across the vast gallery space represent the artist’s relationship with Aswan, his hometown

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