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Opinion -
8/4/2014 1:48:06 PM
The improvement in the Egyptian-American relations has nothing to do with public relations efforts

Egypt - Politics
6/15/2014 6:12:32 PM
Writer with a wide variety of TV shows and plays to her name was also at the forefront of women's issues and organisations in Cairo

Books - Review
5/26/2014 3:11:02 PM
Republished, 'Financing and Normalisation', dealing with the founding, financing and influence of some civil society organisations, has always sparked controversy around this thorny issue

World - Region
5/26/2014 1:34:37 PM

Egypt - Politics
5/20/2014 8:55:00 PM
Votes from Egyptians abroad to be tallied in front of candidates' representatives and both local and foreign organisations

Business - Economy
3/27/2014 8:22:07 PM
Egypt's government seizes the funds of more Brotherhood organisations and reconsider its decision concerning other NGO's and schools

World - Region
3/24/2014 5:30:21 PM

Egypt - Politics
3/12/2014 5:06:16 PM
Over 1,000 Brotherhood organisations appropriated by the government since ouster of president Mohamed Morsi in July, 2013

Egypt - Politics
2/28/2014 8:00:00 PM
Opposition groups call for Mohamed Ibrahim to leave his post as human rights organisations condemn 'failures to confront terrorism' and the 'resurgence of police torture in Egypt'

Egypt - Politics
2/16/2014 9:40:14 AM
Thirty-six Muslim Brotherhood members, including Mohamed Morsi, are accused of collaborating with foreign organisations to commit terrorist acts in Egypt

Egypt - Politics
2/12/2014 6:33:07 PM
Decision by prosecutors to release detainees across the country comes in light of recent demands from political groups and rights organisations over recent abuse and torture of political detainees by security forces

Business - Economy
1/15/2014 1:58:01 PM
Delegates from nearly 70 nations and 24 international organisations gather for second donors' conference in Kuwait under chairmanship of UN chief Ban Ki-moon

Business - Economy
1/14/2014 6:15:38 PM
An official Turkish circular mandates companies to coordinate with Turkish authorities any visits or business alliances with "politically sensitive" countries

Egypt - Politics
12/29/2013 7:15:20 PM
A ministerial official said a list of Muslim Brotherhood organisations will be submitted to the Supreme Electoral commission before a 10 January deadline

Egypt - Politics
12/19/2013 6:05:03 PM
Egyptian human rights organisations condemn police raid on Egyptian Centre for Economic and Social Rights and detention of its staff

Egypt - Politics
12/18/2013 3:39:28 PM
Mohamed Morsi and 35 others will be tried for collaborating with foreign organisations to commit terrorist acts and revealing defence secrets

Egypt - Politics
11/7/2013 6:43:23 PM
Proposed counter-terrorism law will 'increase acts of armed violence, terrorism,' Egypt rights organisations argue

Egypt - Politics
9/2/2013 2:35:16 PM
State Commissioners Authority, which advises the government, calls for dissolution of Muslim Brotherhood based on law prohibiting formation of paramilitary groups by non-governmental organisations

Egypt - Politics
8/16/2013 1:05:38 PM
Egyptian rights organisations condemn excessive police violence to disperse Islamist sit-ins, but are also alarmed at Brotherhood deadly retaliation against ordinary citizens

Egypt - Politics
8/2/2013 6:44:09 PM
A number of prominent Egyptian rights organisations call on security forces to use legal and international standards and guarantee public safety if they disperse pro-Morsi sit-ins

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