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World - International
7/18/2024 12:33:55 PM
China's leadership agreed on the need to "resolve risks" in real estate and local government debt while also boosting demand at a key political meeting that wrapped up Thursday, state media said.

World - War in Ukraine
7/17/2024 2:41:41 PM
After almost 30 months of war with Russia, Ukraine’s difficulties on the battlefield are mounting even as its vital support from the United States is increasingly at the mercy of changing political winds.

World - International
7/17/2024 10:15:37 AM
After three days, an enigmatic portrait emerged of the 20-year-old man who came close to killing former President Donald Trump with a high-velocity bullet: He was an intelligent loner with few friends, an apparently thin social media footprint and no hints of strong political beliefs that would suggest a motive for an attempted assassination.

Al-Ahram Weekly - World
7/16/2024 9:29:37 PM
As international efforts continue to find a political solution to the conflict in Sudan, these have come up against the intentions of the country’s warring parties, writes Mina Adel

Al-Ahram Weekly - World
7/16/2024 9:28:07 PM
The left’s apparent triumph in France is actually an unprecedented political gridlock, reports Mohamed Badereldin

Al-Ahram Weekly - World
7/16/2024 9:19:57 PM
The master of political theatre has managed to outmanoeuvre his rival on the US presidential election stage, Manal Lotfy reports

Al-Ahram Weekly - Opinion
7/16/2024 5:14:11 PM
Abdel-Moneim Said considers the current flaws in his own profession of choice

Al-Ahram Weekly - Opinion
7/16/2024 5:10:43 PM
Democracy has not figured highly in the West’s relations with the countries of the Middle East, as a new book reveals, writes Walid M Abdelnasser

Al-Ahram Weekly - Opinion
7/16/2024 4:55:53 PM
Europe is on the cusp of sweeping political change as its voters swing from one extreme to another in the continent’s elections, writes Azza Radwan Sedky

Opinion -
7/15/2024 9:49:50 PM
Europe is no stranger to political violence like the recent attempt on Donald Trump’s life at a campaign rally in Pennsylvania.

World - International
7/15/2024 4:28:19 PM
The controversial figure, former US President Donald Trump has dominated news headlines, eclipsing reports of wars and international conflicts, after narrowly escaping a fatal bullet, turning the incident into a compelling story.

World - International
7/15/2024 1:52:18 PM
Pakistan's government will seek to ban the political party of jailed ex-prime minister Imran Khan, the information minister said Monday, days after a series of court decisions that favoured the former leader.

War on Gaza - War on Gaza
7/14/2024 5:16:17 PM
Izzat al-Rishq, a member of Hamas' political bureau, refuted on Sunday that Hamas was pulling out of ceasefire talks.

World - Africa
7/14/2024 12:05:06 PM
A small landlocked African nation playing in the big league: with military might, image branding and political influence, Rwanda under President Paul Kagame has become a major strategic player with tentacles spread far and wide.

World - International
7/14/2024 10:42:23 AM
President Joe Biden expressed his strong condemnation of the shooting that occurred at a campaign rally for former President Donald Trump in Butler County, Pennsylvania, describing it as an "unacceptable act of political violence."

World - International
7/14/2024 9:31:22 AM
The attempted assassination of Donald Trump by a gunman at his Pennsylvania rally has confirmed the worst fears of public figures warning that an escalation in incendiary political rhetoric on all sides could lead to bloodshed.

World - International
7/14/2024 9:27:41 AM
Donald Trump narrowly escaped an assassination attempt at a political rally Saturday, leaving the FBI hunting for information about how a gunman could attack a former US president.

World - International
7/14/2024 9:10:20 AM
Donald Trump was hit in the ear in an assassination attempt by a gunman at a campaign rally Saturday, in a chaotic and shocking incident set to supercharge political tensions ahead of the polarising US presidential election.

World - International
7/12/2024 4:58:57 PM
France's political parties scrambled Friday to break a parliamentary deadlock brought on by an inconclusive snap election, as the outgoing prime minister vowed to prevent any government with far-right or hard-left members.

Egypt - Politics
7/10/2024 4:03:32 PM
Egypt's oldest political party, Al-Wafd, strives to clear its reputation by investigating some of its members who were allegedly shown in a leaked video discussing the trafficking of ancient artefacts.

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