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Egypt - Politics
1/19/2013 2:15:34 PM
Cairo criminal court implements President Mohamed Morsi's blanket pardon; acquitting 378 arrested during protests at the Interior Ministry
Egypt - Politics
1/19/2013 10:48:04 AM
Verdicts are to be announced in the trial of protesters accused of vandalism and illegal assembly during 2011's Mohamed Mahmoud Street clashes
Egypt - Politics
1/18/2013 3:49:00 PM
Street battles between security forces and Muslim protesters begins outside Al-Marshada Church, following alleged sex attack on girl by Coptic man; village Iman calls on youth to protect Christian shops
Egypt - Politics
1/15/2013 4:47:26 PM
Protesters gathering in Alexandria and Cairo demand a halt to nationwide railway activity
Egypt - Politics
1/15/2013 2:14:34 PM
Egyptian court acquits Beni Suef's former security chief and 10 police officers accused of killing protesters during January 25 Revolution
Egypt - Politics
1/15/2013 11:56:17 AM
Opposition protesters gather at Egypt's High Constitutional Court in anticipation of Tuesday's contentious verdict on constitutionality of parliament's upper house
World - Region
1/14/2013 7:02:17 PM
The Syrian regime has been using ground-based cluster munitions which were made in Egypt against peaceful protesters, according to NGO Human Rights Watch
World - Region
1/13/2013 2:59:47 PM
Troops deployed by Tunisian government in response to clashes between police, protesters in border town
Egypt - Politics
1/13/2013 11:28:18 AM
Cassation court orders retrial of former strongman and interior minister Habib El-Adly, who were sentenced to life in prison for failing to prevent the killing of protesters during the 18-day uprising
Egypt - Politics
1/13/2013 12:24:34 AM
No deaths were reported after assailants wielding firearms and Molotov cocktails had attacked a sit-in staged by anti-Morsi protesters
Egypt - Politics
1/11/2013 5:17:34 PM
The transportation of 'Port Said Massacre' defendants to Cairo would jeopardise their lives, thousands of protesters said while marching in the Egyptian coastal city
Egypt - Politics
1/10/2013 6:17:21 PM
New prosecution body will look into fact-finding committee's report on crimes committed against protesters during and after 25 January Revolution
Egypt - Politics
1/9/2013 8:58:24 PM
Army officers detained in 2011 protests are released pending psychological therapy; charges not dropped
World - International
1/9/2013 7:26:53 PM
Demonstration by thousands of striking South African farm workers in the Western Cape region turns violent; police use rubber bullets and teargas to disperse protesters
Egypt - Politics
1/5/2013 4:49:05 PM
Protesters from Giza's Al-Ayyat block the city's railways and gather at Cairo Station to call for accident precautions; head of National Authority for Railways voices disgruntlement with their demand
World - Region
1/5/2013 1:14:50 PM
Former Saddam deputy encourages anti-government Sunni Muslims to continue their protests until Shi'ite Prime Minister is toppled
World - Region
12/30/2012 3:51:27 PM
Security forces open fire on protesters who threw water bottles and stones at Iraqi's deputy premier
Business - Economy
12/27/2012 2:00:36 PM
Protesters shut down key oil terminal to pressure the government to provide jobs
World - Region
12/27/2012 1:01:31 PM
Kuwaiti police used excessive force against peaceful protesters, Human Rights Watch says
Egypt - Politics
12/25/2012 12:57:25 PM
Hosni Mubarak, the former Egyptian president who was sentenced to life imprisonment over the killing of protesters in last year's uprising, will learn whether he will be re-tried on 13 January
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